Green pigeon

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(Zool.) any one of numerous species of Old World pigeons belonging to the family Treronidæ.

See also: Pigeon

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The reduction of tree cover around the canal, specifically, has removed the habitat for many species, including feral cats, small Indian mongoose, Indian monitor lizards, butterflies, fireflies, grey hornbills, yellowfooted green pigeons, white-breasted kingfishers and purple sunbirds.
When the eldest was using a catapult and targeting green pigeons on trees and wires, the middle one was occupied with dolls and doll's clothes, and the youngest was merely tagging along behind our mother demanding her attention, sucking her thumb fiercely and therefore quite unable to make her demands intelligible.
A SENTENCE in my Sunday newspaper recently grabbed my attention: "Sixty rare green pigeons in West Bengal have killed themselves by flying into a wall at an army base.