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A variety of plum (Prunus domestica) having yellowish-green skin and sweet flesh.

[green + gage, after Sir William Gage (1656?-1727), English botanist.]


1. (Plants) a cultivated variety of plum tree, Prunus domestica italica, with edible green plumlike fruits
2. (Plants) the fruit of this tree
[C18: green + -gage, after Sir W. Gage (1777–1864), English botanist who brought it from France]



any of several varieties of light green plums.
[1715–25; green + Gage, after Sir William Gage, 18th-century English botanist who introduced such varieties from France c1725]
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Noun1.greengage - sweet green or greenish-yellow variety of plum
plum - any of numerous varieties of small to medium-sized round or oval fruit having a smooth skin and a single pit
إجاص أخْضَر، خَوخ
can eriğifrenk eriği


[ˈgriːngeɪdʒ] Nclaudia f


[ˈgriːngeɪdʒ] nreine-claude f


[ˈgriːnˌgeɪdʒ] nsusina Regina Claudia


(griːn) adjective
1. of the colour of growing grass or the leaves of most plants. a green hat.
2. not ripe. green bananas.
3. without experience. Only someone as green as you would believe a story like that.
4. looking as if one is about to be sick; very pale. He was green with envy (= very jealous).
1. the colour of grass or the leaves of plants. the green of the trees in summer.
2. something (eg paint) green in colour. I've used up all my green.
3. an area of grass. a village green.
4. an area of grass on a golf course with a small hole in the centre.
5. concerned with the protection of the environment. green issues; a green political party.
ˈgreenish adjective
close to green. a greenish dress.
greens noun plural
green vegetables. Children are often told that they must eat their greens.
ˈgreenflyplural ˈgreenfly noun
a type of small, green insect. The leaves of this rose tree have been eaten by greenfly.
ˈgreengage (-geidʒ) noun
a greenish-yellow type of plum.
ˈgreengrocer noun
a person who sells fruit and vegetables.
ˈgreenhouse noun
a building usually of glass, in which plants are grown.
ˈgreenhouse effect noun
(singular) the gradual heating of the atmosphere caused by air pollution which traps energy from the sun.
the green light
permission to begin. We can't start until he gives us the green light.
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As you can see, I had plenty of plums at my disposal - reddish Victorias, sweet yellow mirabelles and tart greengages - my favourites - so I blended them together.
A greenhouse sits next to the vegetable garden which produces asparagus, figs, plums, greengages, damsons, apples, pears, apricots, sour cherries, blackberries, tayberries, raspberries, gooseberries, strawberries, blueberries, blackcurrants and rhubarb.
Feeding inside plums, damsons and greengages as they ripen, they had not previously been a problem in the UK.
The girl carried on walking, taking no notice, her firm buttocks sticking out of her tight shorts like ripe greengages.
I hope they enjoyed the chocs and greengages - I certainly enjoyed my lunch
Brulee of foie gras with greengages and cashews INGREDIENTS [bar] 1 piece foie gras [bar] 160g cashew nuts [bar] Plain flour [bar] Butter [bar] 250g sugar [bar] 6g salt [bar] 20 greengages [bar] 200ml white wine vinegar METHOD De-vein the foie gras, wrap in muslin and submerge in table salt for 24 hours.
99), with flavours of greengages and peaches and a toasty, creamy quality from careful ageing in oak.
Ingredients (serves 4) 6-7 plums or greengages (approx 600g) 100g caster sugar 1 vanilla pod 1 Earl Grey tea bag 75ml whipping cream 75g Greek yoghurt
Go to a London dinner party on a Saturday night and the welcome chat will be about where the grouse and greengages came from.
As an old man I looked for greengages every year during the month of August.