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1. An inexperienced or immature person, especially one who is easily deceived.
2. A newcomer, especially one who is unfamiliar with the ways of a place or group.

[Middle English greene horn, horn of a newly slaughtered animal : grene, green; see green + horn, horn; see horn.]


1. an inexperienced person, esp one who is extremely gullible
2. chiefly US a newcomer or immigrant
[C17: originally an animal with green (that is, young) horns]



1. an inexperienced person.
2. a naive or gullible person.
3. a newly arrived immigrant; newcomer.
[1425–75; orig. applied to cattle with green (i.e., young) horns]
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Noun1.greenhorn - an awkward and inexperienced youthgreenhorn - an awkward and inexperienced youth  
beginner, initiate, tiro, tyro, novice - someone new to a field or activity


noun novice, newcomer, beginner, apprentice, naïf, learner, ingénue, tyro, raw recruit, newbie (slang), neophyte I'm a bit of a greenhorn in the kitchen.


One who is just starting to learn or do something:
Slang: rookie.
References in classic literature ?
The young man stood on the defensive until the old count's ire was completely kindled; he carried his point, and made the greenhorn tipsy, willy nilly.
It is, I know, sometimes thought allowable to take in a greenhorn.
Know, you young greenhorn, that I was covered with honours before ever you were born; and you are nothing better than a wretched little worm, torn in two with coughing, and dying slowly of your own malice and unbelief.
He showed he wasn't all greenhorn, an' he learns pretty quick.
Mortimer took up her tale, "in the beginning I was a greenhorn, city born and bred.
I am a greenhorn myself, and a fool in her hands--an old fool.
This undoubtedly was the "silver with blue stones"; and Father Brown undoubtedly was the little greenhorn in the train.
The prime bullies and braves among the free trappers had each his circle of novices, from among the captain's band; mere greenhorns, men unused to Indian life; mangeurs de lard, or pork-eaters; as such new-comers are superciliously called by the veterans of the wilderness.
Indeed, I believe that none but greenhorns and excessively Russian people feel an attraction towards the French; for, to any man of sensibility, such a compendium of outworn forms--a compendium which is built up of drawing-room manners, expansiveness, and gaiety--becomes at once over-noticeable and unbearable.
We took no notice of the joking, but acted, after the manner of greenhorns, as though the Coal Tar Maggie required our undivided attention.
Capillary Energy will jet drill eight, 500ft horizontal legs in to the Greenhorn Formation to test for the presence of oil.
In 2005, Greenhorn was trying to drum up an idea for a Scottish musical to workshop and develop with a friend, but the pair's brainstorming had come to nothing.