greenish yellow

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Noun1.greenish yellow - a shade of yellow tinged with green
yellow, yellowness - yellow color or pigment; the chromatic color resembling the hue of sunflowers or ripe lemons
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Alert, dilating and contracting, as swift as cautious, and infinitely apprehensive, the pupils vertically slitted in jet into the midmost of amazing opals of greenish yellow, the eyes roved the room.
If there's a space for a small tree, Azara microphylla emits a gorgeous vanilla scent from tiny greenish yellow flowers in late winter and early spring.
Wonderful umbels of greenish yellow flowers will attract hoverflies to its nectar.
This bright greenish yellow excels across most coatings, plastics and inks applications.
Its lasting colour ranges from greenish yellow to bright pale yellow.
Greenish yellow catkins will soon dangle from the tree's twisted branches, followed by a covering of bright green leaves in spring and summer.
The bullock was showing head tilt which may related to nerve inflammation, bilateral greenish yellow purulent discharged from external ear canal (Fig.
Three groups were formed in respect of seed color: the largest group had30 seed accessions with a mixture of tan, dark brown, dark yellow, yellow, greenish yellow seeds; followed by a group with 24 seed accessions with brown, tan, greenish yellow, dark yellow seeds; and third group had 13 seed accessions with dark brown, brown, yellow, green seeds (Table 10).
It is evident from the results of this study that60-days-old callus cultures on MS basal medium were greenish yellow, friable and granular.
Pyoverdin is a greenish yellow coloured pigment which is fluorescent under Wood's light and can be seen in all pseudomonads and represents a marker for bacterial differentiation.
Anterior rhinoscopy revealed greenish yellow crusts with roomy nasal cavities.