greenish yellow

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Noun1.greenish yellow - a shade of yellow tinged with green
yellow, yellowness - yellow color or pigment; the chromatic color resembling the hue of sunflowers or ripe lemons
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Alert, dilating and contracting, as swift as cautious, and infinitely apprehensive, the pupils vertically slitted in jet into the midmost of amazing opals of greenish yellow, the eyes roved the room.
Lysopac Yellow 9410C is a greenish yellow which closes the color space gap between Lysopac 5110C (PY151) and Lysopac Yellow 5410C (PY154).
Greenish yellow catkins will soon dangle from the tree's twisted branches, followed by a covering of bright green leaves in spring and summer.
Appearance Amber colored liquid, vaporizes to greenish yellow
km of land area) with the highest being greenish yellow (Bangladesh: 1159) and the lowest being purple (Canada: 4).
Jacques Cronje reported seeing the fireball to NW of Cape Town, moving from north to westwards, with a bright greenish yellow colour, with bright greenish tail.
The colors are: black, sliver, shadow, sky blue, pink, navy, maroon, orange & greenish yellow.
A greenish yellow liquid came from his nose and I saw that he was gone," she said.
If there's space for a small tree, Azara microphylla emits a gorgeous vanilla scent from tiny greenish yellow flowers in late winter and early spring.
Like other people, he found his car covered with greenish yellow pollen.
Look for the vibrant bright red of cornus alba Sibirica or bright greenish yellow stems of cornus stolonifera Flaviramea.