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Adj.1.greenish-brown - of brown tinged with green
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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I look at it, and there dawns upon me brightly, from the dark greenish-brown background of the summer- house, a light, youthful figure, clothed in a simple muslin dress, the pattern of it formed by broad alternate stripes of delicate blue and white.
Blooms can look like paint or jelly or form small clumps and may be bluegreen, grey-green, greenish-brown or reddishbrown in colour.
My evergreens, that I think are called arborvitae, are not green anymore but are a sick-looking greenish-brown.
I would like to reassert our continued keenness to provide the armed forces with all necessary tools and equipment so it can carry out its national duty," he said, seated on chair in a greenish-brown uniform and reading from a written text.
Don't be put off by the greenish-brown color--it's delicious.
Meanwhile, a severe drought shriveled my farms food plots while turning the dry woodlands into a greenish-brown landscape devoid of its normal fall colors.
ULABG 463 with anterior part of dorsum greenish-brown, and irregular dark spots on top of head, at level of shoulders and sacral and urostyle regions; inguinal band broken in dots towards anterior part (on right flank); belly whitish, throat uncolored, darker than belly; pale tympanum.
Other pictures taken by one of the baffled witnesses, Gill Pearce, however revealed that the neck of the greenish-brown beast with the reptile-like head was far too long to be a turtle.
The paintings are diminutive and share a strange palette: buttery yellow, salmon, light blue, and greenish-brown lines on nearly black backgrounds.
Furniture produced from mango timber is characterised by a grey or greenish-brown colour with a coarser texture than teak wood, giving it an attractive rustic appearance," says Richa Joshi, store manager at Fabindia Dubai.
Signs and symptoms of fibrocystic breast changes - Dense and lumpy breast - Feeling of fullness in the breasts - Pain and tenderness that tends to be generalized and may radiate to the underarm - Rarely a nipple discharge that's often greenish-brown in color - Breast cysts that are identified on breast ultrasound