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Adj.1.greenish-gray - of grey tinged with green
achromatic, neutral - having no hue; "neutral colors like black or white"
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As by a fascination, every eye was now directed to the glaring greenish-gray eye of Simon.
Then Jim Hazard had a new verse, and one of the girls, and the Iron Man with the basilisk eyes of greenish-gray, whom Saxon recognized from Hall's description.
Manantan noted that meat from drowned animals has not been bled immediately and properly; hence, the meat turns greenish-gray in color and becomes the source of microbial infections and toxins.
When Christiane collapses during the greenishgrey protest march, she is wearing a bright red dress; when Alex heads to the hospital to visit her, he walks up to a greenish-gray station to board a bright red train; as Christiane lies comatose in her greenish-gray hospital room where Alex talks to her, a red plastic container sits on a table by her head; while he zooms around the greenishgray streets setting up illusions to protect her, he wears a red motorcycle helmet.
Lichen on tree bark -- greenish-gray patches, typically one to three inches in diameter -- are completely harmless to the tree itself since they do not penetrate or drain life from the tree in any way; they just grow on the surface for support.
Peniocereus greggii variety greggii is a shrub with erect branches [less than or equal to]60 cm long, with greenish-gray stems.
A nude torso with its head in profile is bisected with a greenish-gray leafy texture.
A telescope transforms this touch of haze into a large cloud of streaky, greenish-gray glow.
It has a distinctive mosaic colored greenish-gray facade made of Trespa Panels.
Then came sightings of evil-looking animals, variously described as dog-like, rodent-like or reptile-like, with long snouts, large fangs, leathery or scaly greenish-gray skin and a nasty odor.
Now, global warming threatens to push the greenish-gray songster over the brink.
I HAVE YET TO SEE A BROCCOLI FLORET THAT'S anything but an unappetizing shade of greenish-gray (and squishy, very very squishy).