greenstick fracture

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green·stick fracture

A partial bone fracture, usually seen in young people, in which one side of the bone is broken and the other side is bent.

greenstick fracture

(Pathology) a fracture in children in which the bone is partly bent and splinters only on the convex side of the bend
[C20: alluding to the similar way in which a green stick splinters]

green′stick frac′ture

an incomplete fracture of a long bone, in which one side is broken and the other side is intact.
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Noun1.greenstick fracture - a partial fracture of a bone (usually in children); the bone is bent but broken on only one side
incomplete fracture - fracture that does not go across the entire width of the bone
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If a long bone in the arm or leg bends, it may crack on one side only, producing an incomplete break called a greenstick fracture.
After the game we went to the Princess of Wales hospital and the nurse there said straight away he had a greenstick fracture.
Perhaps it is the young puppy with a greenstick fracture of a leg bone, who barely even winces when you touch the sore spot.