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Any of various altered basic igneous rocks colored green by chlorite, hornblende, or epidote.


1. (Geological Science) any basic igneous rock that is dark green because of the presence of chlorite, actinolite, or epidote
2. (Minerals) a variety of jade used in New Zealand for ornaments and tools



any of various altered basaltic rocks having a dark green color.
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The surrounding islands all consist of conical masses of greenstone, associated sometimes with less regular hills of baked and altered clay-slate.
A key component of Greenstone's success stems from its experience in the marketplace, expertise from the Greenstone colleagues and the relationship with Pfizer.
Summary: Greenstone Carbon Management, the global specialist carbon solutions company, has announced today that it is working with Getronics UK, an ICT services company specialising in workspace management and IT infrastructure services.
Greenstone, an entomologist with the Agricultural Research Service.
should shareholders reject a proposed "dilutive" placement of about 17% of the Australian gold miner's issued capital with Greenstone Resources LP.
The Municipality of Greenstone and the Greenstone Labour Market Group are holding a Grow Greenstone Expo March 25 and 26 at the Victoria Inn and Conference Centre in Thunder Bay to prepare for the coming mining boom in the Ring of Fire.
Greenstone LLC, the generic pharmaceutical subsidiary of Pfizer Inc.
Greenstone set out to study the diets of some of the natural killers that eliminate crop-destroying pests, he found it no easy job.
Hollard group in Australia announced the hiring of Mark Reid as CEO of its financial services arm Greenstone.
When Greenstone Economic Development Corporation executive director Dina Quenneville wanted to show community and business leaders how their area can be transformed by mining, she took them on a road trip to the Red Lake gold camp.