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1. Seeking and enjoying the company of others; sociable. See Synonyms at social.
2. Tending to move in or form a group with others of the same kind: gregarious bird species.
3. Botany Growing in groups that are close together but not densely clustered or matted.

[Latin gregārius, belonging to a flock, from grex, greg-, flock; see ger- in Indo-European roots.]

gre·gar′i·ous·ly adv.
gre·gar′i·ous·ness n.
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Adv.1.gregariously - in a gregarious manner
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Larvae feed gregariously on mature needles during April and leave conspicuous orange-brown wisps of midveins on damaged shoots (McGregor and Sandin, 1968).
People prefer to live in the crowded parts of the Istanbul gregariously.
5 mm), gregariously developing idiobionts, which parasitize many species of solitary bees and wasps and their nest cohabitants (Matthews et al.
Comparetti retained a similar nationalistic vigor as he gregariously celebrated the "Italian" works of his contemporaries, Pitre and Salvatore Salomone-Marino.
While he left his official post and the urban scene to return to mountains and fields, his life in the country does not seem to have been socially reclusive; much of his poetry shows him to have been gregariously involved with neighbors and visitors.
We will blow this plastic horn every time Spanish players take control of the ball," she said while laughing gregariously over the phone during the interview.
It's height ranges from 30-45 cm with an underground creeping rhizome from which roots grow gregariously.
This is mainly an italian, Spanish and Greek phenomenon and it is helped by the Latin tendency to live gregariously among themselves.