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At this stage, whether the responsibility lies with the Council of Ministers or the Pharmaceutical Council itself to regulate opening hours is a grey area.
3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The James New York, a sophisticated, artistically approachable hotel in Manhattan, announces the unveiling of a new public art installation created in partnership with Grey Area.
Things simply aren't that black and white for Jack Quinn (Brown) and his colleagues who, when asked if they are, or linked to, the boys and girls in blue, reply with the programme's apparent motto: "It's a grey area.
I am a big fan of the DRS but this leaves a little bit of a grey area which can come back and bite the umpires," he added.
It will also be a grey area under a cloudy sKy, although under a hot sun it should be a rich, sparKling blue.
There are too many grey areas and when referees say it is a grey area, what chance have you got?
One thing we are not going to do is stretch him into any area that we consider an at-risk area or grey area.
The real challenge of the business ethics movement is not the black-and-white decision of obeying or violating the law, but the grey area of whether you made intelligent, rational ethical decisions," says W.
This is a grey area largely avoided by clients and designers.
Some church leaders and legal experts have also expressed concern that while the Supreme Court ruled that forcing religious authorities to perform same-sex marriages would be contrary to the right to religious freedom, there was a grey area between protection of religion and protection against discrimination.
That leaves a rather large grey area in the middle--for those earning