grey partridge

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Noun1.grey partridge - common European partridgegrey partridge - common European partridge    
partridge - small Old World gallinaceous game birds
genus Perdix, Perdix - a genus of Perdicinae
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Peshawar -- Chief Conservator Wildlife Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar has notified that shooting of partridges including See-See partridge, Black partridge, Grey partridge and Chakur partridge will be permissible in the province with effect from 15th November, 2015 to 7th February, 2016.
At the time, the plan aimed to stabilise grey partridge numbers by 2005 and ensure the breeding population was above 150,000 pairs by 2010.
The Government hope the scheme will halt the decline of such birds at the grey partridge, skylark and corn bunting.
The Davies were happy to see the return of native flora and fauna, and grey partridge, lapwing and brown hare in particular have benefited from the crop rotation.
Ten of the 26 BAP species are considered widespread across many parts of the UK, but seven are still declining, including the skylark, grey partridge, turtle dove and bullfinch.
Then a flurry of excitement as a flock of grey partridge flew by followed closely by a merlin.
In the North East, large parts of the Northumberland and Durham coast maps are shaded red, which shows they are high priority areas for farmland birds such as the grey partridge, lapwing and yellow wagtail.
An earnest policy of trapping and shooting magpies and crows has turned the farm into a songbird haven, with 140 different species, including such red-listed endangered breeds as the linnet and grey partridge.
The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds fears breeds such as the skylark, corn and reed buntings, grey partridge and yellow wag tail are already too low to count, while turtle doves are disappearing fast.
The Horticultural Development Company's (HDC) study showed that horticultural cropping is likely to provide high-quality habitats for a range of species including the grey partridge, jackdaw, lapwing, skylark, stock dove, tree sparrow, yellow wagtail and yellowhammer.
Premier mixed bird seed and sunflower hearts, donated by Haiths Seed Manufacturers, are proving attractive to a host of bird species, including grey partridge, which is becoming scarce on UK farmland.