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Adj.1.grey-brown - of brown tinged with grey
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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They begged a petticoat and hood of the landlady, leaving her in pledge a new cassock of the curate's; and the barber made a beard out of a grey-brown or red ox-tail in which the landlord used to stick his comb.
But then I perceived the re- semblance of its grey-brown, shiny, leathery integument to that of the other sprawling bodies beyond, and the true nature of this dexterous workman dawned upon me.
Accordingly they drifted through a series of those grey-brown streets, neither commodious nor picturesque, in which the eastern quarter of the city abounds.
The boa, a king snake, a grey-brown and several golden brown corn snakes, were among the haul.
Crocheted curtains let the light diffuse and protect original Barbara Brown curtains in black, grey-brown and white.
Late autumn, it seemed, merged seamlessly into early spring, an endless, gritty, grey-brown season.
It has a long tail and is about 13cm long, with grey-brown upper parts, a wine-red chest, white belly and red eye-ring.
She was carrying a small pet carrier containing two six-week old rabbits - one black and the other a grey-brown colour.
He is described as 5ft 10ins, of slim build with grey-brown receding hair.
The bird lives up to its name, with a red throat, grey-brown plumage and up-curved bill.
These grey-brown birds hunt on the ground, mainly for insects and spiders, and use their thin, curved bills as an extraction tool when probing in and around objects.
The man police want had a dark-coloured bicycle, is white, had wrinkles and was sporting a grey-brown beard or stubble.