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Adj.1.grey-green - of green tinged with grey
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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The river - with the sunlight flashing from its dancing wavelets, gilding gold the grey-green beech- trunks, glinting through the dark, cool wood paths, chasing shadows o'er the shallows, flinging diamonds from the mill-wheels, throwing kisses to the lilies, wantoning with the weirs' white waters, silvering moss-grown walls and bridges, brightening every tiny townlet, making sweet each lane and meadow, lying tangled in the rushes, peeping, laughing, from each inlet, gleaming gay on many a far sail, making soft the air with glory - is a golden fairy stream.
One shrubby plant you should get is Euryops acreus, which has finely lobed grey-green foliage and masses of the purest yellow daisy flowers.
This quick-growing evergreen bushy shrub has grey-green leathery leaves and, in mild areas, it produces attractive greyish-green catkins from about now until March or so.
Or severely cut back the untidy foliage and you'll be rewarded with fresh billowing clumps of grey-green leaves.
The man, in his forties, was described as slim to medium build with a tanned long oval face and grey-green eyes.
The creature - white on its underside with grey-green markings on its back - was landed by David Gillingham off Alderney in the Channel Islands.
There is a grey-green leafed variety `Blue Haze', and a bronze-leafed cultivar `Bronze'.
LAVENDER, with its grey-green spiky leaves and blue flowers is a summer joy, giving off a lovely fragrance when you brush past it.
Most of the named varieties are all green, but Adam and Little Diamond have a cream and grey-green variegated leaf.
The ice-plant, Sedum spectabile "Brilliant" has grey-green leaves and flattened heads of bright pink flowers from late summer into autumn - making a dazzling display.
Many auriculas also have a dusty coating or farina on there grey-green leaves.
QMY lupins have been invaded by huge grey-green creatures that look like over-sized greenfly.