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Adj.1.grey-green - of green tinged with grey
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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The river - with the sunlight flashing from its dancing wavelets, gilding gold the grey-green beech- trunks, glinting through the dark, cool wood paths, chasing shadows o'er the shallows, flinging diamonds from the mill-wheels, throwing kisses to the lilies, wantoning with the weirs' white waters, silvering moss-grown walls and bridges, brightening every tiny townlet, making sweet each lane and meadow, lying tangled in the rushes, peeping, laughing, from each inlet, gleaming gay on many a far sail, making soft the air with glory - is a golden fairy stream.
They are also offered in solid or gradient colours, such as amber, brown, grey, grey-green and copper.
This unusual, hardy dwarf evergreen shrub will produce grey-green leaves that turn dark purple, edged pink in winter.
Nepeta is a perennial with grey-green leaves that are wonderfully aromatic.
over the grey-green sage, moths flying on missions over skree and scrub
The shade is a natural grey-green, which sounds odd, but it goes on more steel than grass, making it an acceptable professional colour for daytime wear on the fingers - though personally I really liked it on my toes.
Other impressive types include "Globe Master", a variety which produces huge heads of rich purple flowers above glossy green foliage and A karataviense "Ivory Queen", with broad grey-green leaves and dense white flowers which are a good foil for the leaves.
Good varieties include 'Moonshine', with its sulphur-yellow flowers and grey-green foliage.
It's all alone and covered in mould, An amazing sight to behold, Shrouded in grey-green mottled mildew.
Catmint makes a terrific edging plant for the border instead of lavender, its grey-green leaves and lavender flowerhead borne on upright spikes.
A storage wall of grey-green mdf is a backdrop for the parents' bed, which opens onto an unenclosed bathing area.