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Adj.1.grey-white - of white tinged with grey
achromatic, neutral - having no hue; "neutral colors like black or white"
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Mr Parry is described as being white, 6ft 2 and broad with brown eyes and short grey-white hair.
He is believed to have been wearing a grey-white shirt.
These models are available in shades of shimmering red, glistening black or gleaming grey-white.
Sporting a grey-white beard, glasses and the politician's trademark shirt and waistcoat, Vikas Mahante is now a regular sight on the campaign trail with right-wing candidates in the financial capital who are keen to cash in on Modi's popularity.
As he walked tantalisingly close to me, his hair now a distinguished grey-white, that is, of course, what I was thinking.
John is 5ft 8in, slim, with receding grey-white hair.
One was about 20, 5ft 10in tall and wearing a grey-white hoodie and blue jeans.
The whole place looks like a winter wonderland, with a grey-white layer covering everything and you can't see the sky.
Albacore tuna is not commonly eaten in the UK, and has a grey-white flesh rather than the bright red of blue-fin.