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Adj.1.greyish-green - of green tinged with grey
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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Even Fleury who begat it and, unlike Magniac, died a multi-millionaire, could not explain how the restless little imp shuddering in the U-tube can, in the fractional fraction of a second, strike the furious blast of gas into a chill greyish-green liquid that drains (you can hear it trickle) from the far end of the vacuum through the eduction-pipes and the mains back to the bilges.
Which 'O' is a small oval fruit with a hard stone which also gives its name to a greyish-green colour?
During deposition of the lower part of Member 1 of the Nenjiang Formation, the greyish-green siltstone interbedded with silty mudstone and mudstone developed in shore-shallow lake facies were deposited in the lake.
Yellowish, greyish-green or pink to purple in summer, with black-banded antennae, black tarsi, and dark distal two thirds or more of siphunculi.
One eyewitness recounted the shooter dressed in greyish-green clothing with an assault rifle opening fire as he went up an escalator and through the security area.
7 cm; entire; elliptical, oblong, oblanceolate or linear-oblanceolate; rounded-obtuse or slightly mucronate at apex and gradually narrowing towards base; adaxial surface green or lightly greyish, with some subrigid long simple eglandular trichomes and, in some leaves, with few to numerous stellate trichomes (absent in others); abaxial surface green to greyish-green or whitish, with few (or even absent in some leaves) to numerous (variable from one leaf to another) stellate trichomes and some long simple eglandular trichomes thinner than those of the adaxial surface; without glandular trichomes.
Leaves 2-3, arranged in a loose basal rosette, withered or absent altogether at flowering time, bright green on the upper side, greyish-green and somewhat glaucous on the underside, narrowly linear-elliptic to linear-oblanceolate, base attenuate and channeled, apex acuminate, mid-vein dorsally carinate; 20-25 cm long, 1-1.
characias Wulfenii, a rounded bush with greyish-green leaves, whose globe-shaped heads adorned with small yellow-green flowers appear from early spring.
3a), and along its northern boundary contains elongate xenoliths of greyish-green siltstone (Fig.
x sternii, grown primarily for its foliage, which has greyish-green marbled andmore spiky leaves, although it does produce insignificant flowers.