A football player.


(American Football) informal US an American football player


(ˈgrɪd ər)

Informal. a football player.
[1925–30, Amer.]
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Art Hurd, a former standout gridder at Gardner High School and later the University of Maryland, was the first baseball coach at the school and in 1963 was named football coach.
ISU Intercepts Halftime Honor for Gridder Trice," Des Moines Register, October 4, 1983.
Hitachi's MiraiBio subsidiary has become a player in the arrayer/ gridder and hybridization/fluidics markets.
White was alluding to contract offers withdrawn from the now-retired gridder in the wake of his remarks about minority groups.
Dingler Gridder Trammer Crumpler Taintman Bostler Brunter Gloman Nobler Clodger Daubman Naggler Costman Tootler
Former UH gridder Jim Rodden tackled Hawaii's building supply business and has chalked up points.
The 6-foot-4 Gates, now 28, was an all-state high school gridder in Michigan but chose basketball over football at Kent State, and - like Pollard - was an undrafted free agent when he signed with the Chargers.
John's, a two-time All-Yankee Conference gridder at UMass; Togo Palazzi, a two-time All-American at Holy Cross and the NIT MVP; John Andreoli, Holy Cross Hall of Famer who played pro football with the Redskins and Patriots; J.
They say: "Hobbits, shepherds, bodgers, off gridders and glampers, take notice of this beautifully constructed straw bale "roundhouse".
Drake's brace is on a growing list of projects between athletics and academics at UA, joining top-shelf athletes--the Crimson Tide gridders have been to five National Championship Games since 2009, winning four times--with leading-edge researchers in mutually beneficial situations.
Tenders are invited for Replacement of 60hp motors flatform gridders at head water works
Hamilton's adopted son George Parkin Grant, the philosopher at McMaster University, made at least one published reference to the local gridders.