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also grip  (grĭp)

[French, from Old French, claw, quarrel, from gripper, to seize, grasp, from Frankish *grīpan.]

grip′py adj.


(of a material) having adhesive qualities
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We know it probably won't be the grippiest, but we just need to make some starts and have a bit of luck like we did on Saturday.
John VanZyck does a bang-up job at VZ Grips, machining some of the finest, grippiest and most comfortable Micarta and G10 pistol grips on the planet.
Dubarry are the grippiest in the business, thanks to the intricate series of interconnecting channels on the sole which disperse water away from the point of impact, reducing the potential for slip.
State-of-the-art monobloc front brakes are sensational and would give even the softest, grippiest tyre a real hammering were it not for a very unobtrusive ABS system that can be switched off for track work.