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Variant of grigri.


n, pl -gris (-ɡriːz)
(Other Non-Christian Religions) a variant spelling of grigri


or gris-gris


n., pl. -gris (-ˌgriz)
an African charm, amulet, or fetish.
[1755–65; < French gris-gris, grigri; orig. obscure]
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On "Red River,'' Petty is smitten by a lovable basket-case who has placed her blind faith into practically anything she can get her hands on (including rosary beads, lucky rabbit's foot, black cat bones and gris-gris stick), but Petty has a better course of action to save her soul.
Actualites Eecrit par Anne-Marie Reine Le Pape* Gris-gris L'avocate insiste : sans revenu et avec trois enfants un.
It's more likely his discontent was caused by strange voodoo happenings than by going out of the placepot in the first leg, but I know he'd sympathise with the plight of today's racegoers (note: readers under the age of 40 with no knowledge of gris-gris music should ignore this reference and move straight to the second paragraph).
Ibra, apres s'etre accroche a la tele avec Arrigo Sacchi, a devoile son "Cote Obscur": quelques gris-gris lateraux et inefficaces, mais un geste de classe par demi-heure: un centre pour Inzaghi que Pippo a expedie au-dessus (ce qui ne lui ressemble guere, 14), une belle talonnade pour Clarence Seedorf (46) et une subtile remise pour "Ronnie" (86).
Rebennack renamed himself Dr John the Night Tripper when he recorded his first album, Gris-Gris.
French planter Antoine Le Page du Pratz, reflecting upon his experiences in the 1730s, offered evidence of Voodoo's presence when he described how Africans attached enormous importance to "little toys which they called gris-gris .
Around 25 years ago, Rebennack, aka New Orleans gris-gris man Dr.
While Rebennack is more familiar for a Creole-flavoured blues, jazz and boogie-woogie these days, his classic late 60s album Gris-Gris saw him unleash the sound of deranged, psychedelic swamp-rock.
Gray Line New Orleans also won the "Most Creative Tour of the Year" award in 2000 with the Hauntings, Gris-Gris and Cemetery Tour, now known as the Cemetery & Gris-Gris Tour.