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adj. gris·tli·er, gris·tli·est
1. Composed of or containing gristle.
2. Resembling gristle.

gris′tli·ness n.


(ˈgrɪs li)

adj. -tli•er, -tli•est.
resembling or containing gristle; cartilaginous.
gris′tli•ness, n.
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Adj.1.gristly - difficult to chew
tough - resistant to cutting or chewing
brjóskkenndur; meî brjóski í


[ˈgrɪslɪ] ADJcartilaginoso, ternilloso


adj (+er)knorpelig


[ˈgrɪslɪ] adj (meat) → tutto/a nervi


(ˈgrisl) noun
a tough, rubbery substance found in meat. There's too much gristle in this steak.
ˈgristly adjective
References in classic literature ?
There was a chunk of meat among other things, a gristly piece, seeing which Mr.
The door of the jail being flung open from within there appeared, in the first place, like a black shadow emerging into sunshine, the grim and gristly presence of the town-beadle, with a sword by his side, and his staff of office in his hand.
The birds then collected at a short distance, yet to near that their naked necks, entirely bare of feathers, could be plainly seen, as they stretched them out with the effort of their cries, while their gristly crests, garnished with a comb and gills of deep violet, stood erect with rage.
The traveller was an old man with a grey gristly beard two inches long, a shaggy moustache of the same hue, and enormous eyebrows; which almost obscured his lazy, semi-drunken glance, as he stood regarding us with folded arms: poising himself alternately upon his toes and heels.
People like gristly stories as well, they like murders.
Michel's |latest French "I did go to English school, and I'm afraid to say, I know exactly what gristly mince and packet mashed potato tastes like," adds the 55-year-old, who admits he's had a "bit of a head-start in life", growing up in a family where food was so important.
Your fingers should be gently put inside a gill cover until you reach the gristly jaw bone where there are no teeth.
I was, as ever, in two minds about ordering the lamb - the memory of too many dried-out servings of chewy and gristly meat in other Middle-Eastern restaurants weighs heavily.
It's the same gristly nag I have with food stamps, the ACA [Affordable Care Act], and a myriad of other means-tested programs.
When we follow the circulation of language and ideas to the points where they get fixed in recognizable (or, more accurately, recognized) property forms--when original ownership claims are made for them--we get a somewhat different view of a world literary system, one in which the gristly roots of ideas and forms of expression seem to ignore or violate most conventional property lines.
It's a gristly, horrible experience for many new mums, and only repeated because nature completely wipes their memory clean.