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A mill for grinding grain.


(General Engineering) a mill, esp one equipped with large grinding stones for grinding grain



a mill for grinding grain.
grist′mill`er, n.
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Noun1.gristmill - a mill for grinding grain (especially the customer's own grain)gristmill - a mill for grinding grain (especially the customer's own grain)
milling machinery, grinder, mill - machinery that processes materials by grinding or crushing
millstone - one of a pair of heavy flat disk-shaped stones that are rotated against one another to grind the grain
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The light could not have been good, though if I brought my books to the little gable window that overlooked the groaning and whistling gristmill I could see well enough.
Old Mill--Re-creation of a water-powered gristmill in North Little Rock's T.
Subsequently, circa 1791, "Washington purchased a license under the patent" and then had the milling system installed in his Mount Vernon gristmill.
Stormwater improvement along Route 20 to treat discharges to Gristmill Pond and Unnamed Tributary
The map also planned for the town's structures, which included the hotel purchased by Conger, a wind-powered sawmill and gristmill, a well-stocked general store, a post office, a tavern, carp fisheries, a machine shop, and more than a dozen homes.
The Foxfire Museum & Heritage Center just outside of town is a perfect place to sample remembrances of pioneer life, with its gristmill, log cabins, folk art and artifacts.
The war meant few new books were being published--no small challenge for the reviewer who depends on recent releases to supply his gristmill.
Often a gristmill and a sawmill shared power from a single water wheel.
The brewery is located in one of the oldest commercial buildings north of Concord--a converted 18th century gristmill on the Ammonoosuc River.
And a large population of it, such as you might find near a gristmill, can supply hundreds of pounds each week.
It's easy enough to explore this area on foot, or speed it up a bit by hiring a Segway from Segway of Ontario in Gristmill Lane.