grocery bag

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: bag - a sack for holding customer's groceriesgrocery bag - a sack for holding customer's groceries
carrier bag, paper bag, sack, poke - a bag made of paper or plastic for holding customer's purchases
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The fees - $2 per full grocery bag or $5 for a medium-size boxful - are used to purchase supplies for the 24-acre ranch.
TuckerBags are proud to be able to help support the building of this awareness through the launch of a pink-ribbon reusable grocery bag which will serve as a great everyday lifestyle companion for use when traveling or shopping, but also act as a constant reminder of the importance of the National Breast Cancer Foundation's awareness and educational mission.
unveiled the company's new environmentally friendly grocery bag, which is the largest grocery bag that the company uses.
GRAZING PARTY: Put on your jeans and sneakers, and grab a grocery bag and scissors for Hilla Futterman's informational wild food walk through the woodlands and fields of Soka University America.
My mother always cooked the turkey in a brown paper grocery bag.
It's great - we're selling about three times as many tickets as usual,'' said David Rashidi, part owner of The Grocery Bag in Canoga Park.
With its patented design, soft grip, and ergonomically correct, arthritis-friendly reputation, "the EZcarry(TM) is not just another grocery bag handle," says Craig Edelman, 32, founder of The HappyWares Company, a Florida-based manufacturer of "homewares that provide happy solutions.
The public is invited to pick fruit for $2 a grocery bag full this Saturday at Orcutt Ranch.
Holding the typical HDPE grocery bag up as the standard, researchers found that the common reusable non-woven polypropylene bag--the ubiquitous crinkly plastic tote, typically made with oil--had to be used at least ii times to hold its own against an HDPE grocery bag.
NEW YORK, April 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Reverend Que English of the Bronx Christian Fellowship joined the growing coalition to oppose Intro 209, a proposed citywide grocery bag tax currently under consideration by the City Council.
At all the transfer stations, the county is selling one reusable grocery bag plus two reusable produce bags - small mesh bags for holding cabbage, carrots and the like - for $3.