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adj. gro·di·er, gro·di·est Slang
Disgusting; repellent.

[Probably alteration of grotty.]


adj, -dier or -diest
unpleasant; unattractive; revolting


(ˈgroʊ di)

adj. -di•er, -di•est. Slang.
dirty or disgusting; sleazy; seedy.
[1960–65, Amer.; probably alter. of grotesque]


adj (US sl: = disgusting) → eklig, asslig (sl)
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I had seen a few of Mathis Altmann's works online--spooky things hanging in darkened rooms, made out of lots of junk and schmutz, nothing if not weird--so I went to the Swiss Institute prepared to see some grody riff on Halloween aesthetics by an artist in Zurich who had gone deep inside his head.
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The gooey, grody and deeply exotic meals of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern (and its offshoots) are a slick, wriggling device; of course, there's a primal hands-over-the-eyes curiosity to watching Zimmern devour sea slugs harvested from ocean sludge, animal parts not commonly talked about in dinner conversation, or things that have not yet died.
Ryan says he got it from a grody Slipknot drug-dealer kid named Jared who'd promised the girl he wouldn't show it to anybody.
The rapidly increasing complexity of financial products, together with the ever-changing financial landscape, highlights the need for educational programs that relate directly to this complex reality (Bernanke 2011 ; Grody et al.
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