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 (grŏm′ĭt) also grum·met (grŭm′-)
a. A reinforced eyelet, as in cloth or leather, through which a fastener may be passed.
b. A small metal or plastic ring used to reinforce such an eyelet.
2. Nautical A loop of rope or metal used for securing the edge of a sail to its stay.

[Probably from obsolete French gromette, gormette, chain joining the ends of a bit, from Old French, from gourmer, to bridle.]


(ˈɡrɒmɪt) or


1. (Mechanical Engineering) a ring of rubber or plastic or a metal eyelet designed to line a hole to prevent a cable or pipe passed through it from chafing
2. (General Engineering) a ring of rope hemp used to stuff the gland of a pipe joint
3. (Surgery) med a small tube inserted into the eardrum in cases of glue ear in order to allow air to enter the middle ear
4. (Swimming, Water Sports & Surfing) informal Austral a young or inexperienced surfer
[C15: from obsolete French gourmette chain linking the ends of a bit, from gourmer bridle, of unknown origin]


(ˈgrɒm ɪt, ˈgrʌm-)

also grummet

n., v. -met•ed, -met•ing. n.
1. any of various rings or washers, esp. one used as an insulator or gasket or as an eyelet protecting material where a rope passes.
2. a ring of rope or wire used to secure sails, oars, etc.
3. a washer or packing for sealing joints between sections of pipe.
4. a metal-bound eyelet in cloth, sometimes used decoratively, as on a garment.
5. to fasten with a grommet.
[1620–30; < obsolete French gromette curb of bridle, of uncertain orig.]

Grummet, Grommet

 a ring of rope or metal resembling an eyelet, as in a sail.
Examples: grummet of sooty vapour, 1881.
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Noun1.grommet - fastener consisting of a metal ring for lining a small hole to permit the attachment of cords or linesgrommet - fastener consisting of a metal ring for lining a small hole to permit the attachment of cords or lines
fastening, holdfast, fastener, fixing - restraint that attaches to something or holds something in place


nÖse f; (Naut) → Taukranz m
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