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adj. groov·i·er, groov·i·est Slang
Very pleasing; wonderful.

groov′i·ness n.


the quality of being groovy
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This profusely illustrated, psychedelic colored study by Mark Voger features interviews with icons of grooviness such as Peter Max, Brian Wilson, Peter Fonda, Melanie, David Cassidy, members of the Jefferson Airplane, Cream, the Doors, the Cowsills and Vanilla Fudge; and cast members of groovy TV shows like "The Monkees," "Laugh-In" and "The Brady Bunch".
But some efforts inspired by the quest for individual or communal grooviness, from surfboard production to artisanal cheese to ecologically minded industrial design to home birthing, used personalized knowledge and technology to make the world better, or at least more interesting, for us all.
The Trolls may be cute as a button and come in the hues of a pack of designer cupcakes, but their party-animal grooviness is, in its way, infectiously adult, and that's true from the moment the pink heroine, Poppy (Anna Kendrick), leads a running-and-jumping-and-hair-sprouting rendition of the Danish duo Junior Senior's great 2002 track "Move Your Feet.
Mostly from San Francisco and Oakland, they knew the grooviness of the Russian River and had been feeling whatever it is that makes people want to try something new and strange.
Psychedlic album opener Poster Children is a swirling wall of sonic grooviness which could just be a cacophony of hippies on a bad acid trip.
But, he explained to me, "It is also a matter of grooviness, a matter of artistic virtuosity.