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v. groped, grop·ing, gropes
1. To reach about uncertainly; feel one's way: groped for the telephone.
2. To search blindly or uncertainly: grope for an answer.
1. To make (one's way) by reaching about uncertainly.
2. Slang To handle or fondle for sexual pleasure.
The act or an instance of groping.

[Middle English gropen, from Old English grāpian.]

grop′er n.
grop′ing·ly adv.
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Adv.1.gropingly - in an uncertain groping manner


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Then she put out her hand and began to feel gropingly about; then said, "I cannot find it; blow 'taps.
He descended the one step, and advanced slowly and gropingly towards the grass-plat.
Our hands met gropingly, lingered united in a steady, motionless clasp for a second.
The natural history of this interesting creature was at last completely laid bare to the earnest stranger, who, as he sat there in the animated stillness, with the fragrant breath of the Western world in his nostrils, was convinced of what he had already suspected, that conversation in the great Republic was more yearningly, not to say gropingly, psychological than elsewhere.