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or gro·tes·que·ry  (grō-tĕs′kə-rē)
n. pl. gro·tes·que·ries
1. The state of being grotesque; grotesqueness: "A jumble of stuffed animals were packed in the bed around her ... and their innocent shapes crowded around her head in sweet, shadowed grotesquerie" (Donna Tarrt).
2. Something grotesque: "He put the catfish, the tadpoles, and a few other grotesqueries in his jar filled with swamp water, and then picked up all the other wriggling things and threw them back into the lake" (Rick Bass).
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Noun1.grotesquerie - ludicrous or incongruous unnaturalness or distortion
ugliness - qualities of appearance that do not give pleasure to the senses
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The plunge into this pit I had avoided by the merest of accidents, I knew that surprise, or entrapment into torment, formed an important portion of all the grotesquerie of these dungeon deaths.
If now, in addition to all these things, you have properly reflected upon the odd disorder of the chamber, we have gone so far as to combine the ideas of an agility astounding, a strength superhuman, a ferocity brutal, a butchery without motive, a grotesquerie in horror absolutely alien from humanity, and a voice foreign in tone to the ears of men of many nations, and devoid of all distinct or intelligible syllabification.
Higher prices in shops and more expensive holidays in Spain are just the start, with the bill to be picked up by an electorate duped by a Brexit grotesquerie guilty of heinous deceptions and lies.
What's being obscured by this grotesquerie is the origin and the actual substance of U.
The climax tries for knockabout, with a slapstick fight between Hollows and animated skeletons plus a panto-villain Sam Jackson hamming it up in the background -- but the film as a whole is a stranger beast, random grotesquerie (even a dead kid in the attic
Continuing the didactic nature of this little grotesquerie, Troggle insists that he just wants to eat vegetables.
Prepare for more grotesquerie in the future--both obesity and hunger are poised to escalate.
Perhaps the best aspect of the book, though, was the way all this grotesquerie and exaggeration was reined in when it was needed.
Locked doors on long hallways are only part of their harrowing night, and devotees of the genre will revel in the story's climax, which includes a child's corpse stuffed up a chimney and grotesquerie aplenty.
My Ugly Sisters are not danced by men as that can give the story a level of grotesquerie," he says.
With his wild extremes of timbre, range, and dynamics, Ligeti created an arrestingly apt sound world for the libretto's Ghel-derode-inspired grotesquerie, in which Death's determination to end the world at midnight is thwarted by a "life force" amassing the powers of sex, alcohol, gluttony, and political chicanery.
The white massas became the real butt of the joke and turned some of the attention away from the grotesquerie of blackness that was blackface.