ground swell

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Noun1.ground swell - an obvious change of public opinion or political sentiment that occurs without leadership or overt expression; "there was a ground swell of antiwar sentiment"
transition - a change from one place or state or subject or stage to another
2.ground swell - a broad and deep undulation of the ocean
crestless wave, swell - the undulating movement of the surface of the open sea
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The foundations of Property and Propriety are laid bare, twin rocks; Family Pride flounders to the surface, puffing and blowing, and refusing to be comforted; Theology, vaguely ascetic, gets up a nasty ground swell.
The fishing boats are racing for home, and rise and dip in the ground swell as they sweep into the harbour, bending to the scuppers.
He chased them till he was tired, and then he curled himself up and went to sleep on the hollows of the ground swell that sets in to Copper Island.
If it enriches the viewer's experience there could be a ground swell.
With 600,000 casualties, the war touched Americans on a personal level and created a ground swell of vernacular commemorations.
With this proposal, the new vice president joins the growing ground swell of experts who seriously question the cost side of the cost-benefit analysis when it is presented to the business community without due consideration for the deterioration of the global infrastructure as fundamental to the economic equation.
These cars are being offered, "Not because of a ground swell of demand by the public," says Doug Teague, executive engineer, Advanced Emissions and Regulatory Programs at Chrysler Corp.
There's a ground swell of new interest underway," he adds.
We're definitely seeing a ground swell of enthusiasm and interest in our method as a substitute for conventional testing on animals," says Biovator's CEO, Stan Mikulowski.
com)-- The ground swell has begun with redhot international, the exclusive North American distributor of the world's smallest toothbrush, experiencing a rapid increase in sales across the continent.
7 /PRNewswire/ -- Ground Swell Equity Partners, LP ("Ground Swell") has sold its ownership in ATI Holding Company ("ATI" or the "Company") to BC Partners ("BC Partners").
Are they a realist, do you get sucked into the ground swell, where do they want to go with the club?

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