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Having no ground or foundation; unsubstantiated: groundless optimism. See Synonyms at baseless.

ground′less·ly adv.
ground′less·ness n.
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Noun1.groundlessness - the quality of lacking substance or value; "the groundlessness of their report was quickly recognized"
worthlessness, ineptitude - having no qualities that would render it valuable or useful; "the drill sergeant's intent was to convince all the recruits of their worthlessness"
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On this subject we had long and animated discussions -- he maintaining the utter groundlessness of faith in such matters, -- I contending that a popular sentiment arising with absolute spontaneity- that is to say, without apparent traces of suggestion -- had in itself the unmistakable elements of truth, and was entitled to as much respect as that intuition which is the idiosyncrasy of the individual man of genius.
And yet, when he made Dounia his offer, he was fully aware of the groundlessness of all the gossip.
The discomfort associated with groundlessness, with the fundamental ambiguity of being human," writes American Buddhist Nun Pema ChE[micro]drE[micro]n in her book "Living Beautifully", "comes from our attachment to wanting things to be a certain way.
Those examples illustrate both the danger to education and groundlessness of OCR's unprecedented federal intrusion.
Camp then, to Butler and to Foulem, is inherently subversive in that it draws attention to the artifice of any system of value and demonstrates the plasticity and groundlessness of identity, of categories and of hierarchies, and that its intelligibility and value depends on contexts that are culturally and historically specific.
On this alternative legal background, the signaling effects would also shift: the reliance per se on statistical evidence would not, in and of itself, signal the groundlessness of the case of the party submitting this evidence in court.
In Feminism and the Abyss of Freedom, Linda Zerilli draws extensively on the thinking of both Kant and Arendt in order to propose a feminist politics that embraces ontological groundlessness as its very purchase on both feminism and the political.
Sampson speculates that McGahern was drawn to Beckett because of his representation of 'human frailty, vulnerability, and the mystery of human mortality'--and not because of the groundlessness of his writing or its working out of implicitly arcane 'philosophical positions'.
NCRI leaders and their lawyers repeatedly denounced over the past 12 years the total groundlessness of the indictments, be it the charge of terrorism or the charge of a number of financial crimes.
question can be problematised further and shown as a retrojection from within literature intimate to us that the ground, in its groundlessness, remains contingent and that the obsession with grounding, though not entirely useless, remains entirely so, unless it awakens to the contingency and, in that, gets transformed.
Against this temptation of transcendence, Gourgouris posits the finitude, groundlessness, and inherent incompleteness of secular criticism.
Insofar as we do not violently resist this indefinite responsibility in the face of the groundlessness of thought and language by positing a metaphysical ground, our openness to this "hetero-affection" enables us to carry on "the indefinite work of freedom .