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1. A bottom fish.
a. A spectator in the cheap standing-room section of an Elizabethan theater.
b. A person with uncultivated tastes.


1. (Biology) any animal or plant that lives close to the ground or at the bottom of a lake, river, etc
2. (Theatre)
a. (in Elizabethan theatre) a spectator standing in the yard in front of the stage and paying least
b. a spectator in the cheapest section of any theatre
3. (Aeronautics) a person on the ground as distinguished from one in an aircraft


(ˈgraʊnd lɪŋ)

1. a plant or animal that lives close to the ground or at the bottom of the water.
2. a person of unsophisticated tastes.
3. a person on the ground rather than in an aircraft.
4. a member of a theater audience sitting in one of the cheaper seats or, in an Elizabethan theater, standing in the pit.
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Noun1.groundling - in Elizabethan theater: a playgoer in the cheap standing section
playgoer, theatergoer, theatregoer - someone who attends the theater
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I will work to establish a cohesive union of sovereignty based on the groundling principles of a free and fair democratic state - this is a national priority, and this should not be hard with a unified spirit of healing and reconciliation, reaching all aspects of our collective consciousness.
Finally the propensity of audience members to pass out--and the summer performances at the Globe are punctuated by the regular thud of another groundling hitting the deck--is going to make this blanketed pit a real health hazard.
Roomiez" is a web series about German comedian and former Groundling - Ulrich (Chase Ulrich) trying to find a roommate through Craigslist but coming up short in every episode.
The Groundling Theatre presents a New Year's Eve Alumni Show, with sketches and improv.
Initial properties are Barney, Skinnamarink TV, Big Comfy Couch, Francesco's Friendly World, Veggie Tales and Groundling Marsh.
It'll feature Protex, The Groundlings, EightyFour and DJ Ryan Fitzsimmons from Sunglasses After Dark all playing their favourite Ramones tunes - and doubtless a few tracks that inspired or were inspired by Joey and Co.
Already nominated for a Scottish Bafta, Katia has appeared on a diverse range of shows from River City to Pramface but has been making waves over the pond, training in improv and sketch in LA and writing and performing at Second City and Groundlings, the comedy and theatre hubs that spawned the likes ofTina Fey and Kirsten Wiig.
The 30-year-old, who now uses her husband's surname, is training at The Groundlings acting school, which has launched the likes Lisa Kudrow, Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig.
Melissa, who was a main stage member of the comedy-improv sketch group Groundlings for nine years after moving to LA, also appeared in numerous stage productions before making her first TV appearance alongside her cousin, Jenny McCarthy, in 1997.
Sofia can be seen performing live sketch comedy and improv at The Groundlings, UCB, and Second City.
The main catalysts for laughter are two characters usually barely noticed, Launcelot Gobbo, a servant who press-gangs two groundlings into becoming his ventriloquists' dummies and drunken, lecherous Gratiano.