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n. Baseball
A play in which a batter is put out at first base after hitting a ground ball to a fielder.


(Baseball) baseball the process of putting out a batter who has hit a ball along the ground by fielding the ball and throwing it to first base



a baseball play in which a batter is put out at first base after hitting a ground ball to the infield.
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Eugene scored in the top of the first when Andrew Ely scored Donnie Dewees on a bases-loaded groundout and then made it 2-0 in the third when Dewees singled and scored on a double by Frandy De La Rosa.
Four at-bats, one fielder's choice, one groundout, one double play, and Wagner's strikeout.
Lancaster got all the runs it would need in the third inning, scoring three times on a single, three walks, a passed ball, a wild pitch, a groundout and a sacrifice fly.
Suzuki had a single and an RBI groundout in his previous two plate appearances, leaving his batting average at .
Donavan Tate's fielder's choice and Zach Kometani's groundout each drove in a run to give Eugene starter Juan Herrera a 2-0 lead to work with in the first inning.
The 38-year-old right-hander retired three batters on a groundout, a popout and a strikeout in a 13-pitch outing, increasing his chances of throwing again later in the month.
An inning later, the Bruins had runners on the corners with one out but a strikeout by Casey Haerther and groundout by Cody Decker derailed the potential rally.
The Ems' Jose Dore doubled in the sixth and scored on a Jeremy Rodriguez groundout to pull Eugene within 6-4.
After Quiles scored on Rico Noel's groundout to give Eugene a 6-5 lead, Oscar Garcia doubled to left to drive in Noel.
He gave up a leadoff double to Todd Linden in the first inning that led to a run on Lance Niekro's groundout and a solo homer to Niekro leading off the fourth.
Furcal tripled with one out to make it 6-2, and Lofton drove in Furcal with a groundout to make it 6-3.
The Angels closer got a groundout by Melvin Mora to begin the ninth inning, then struck out Nick Markakis.