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 (groundz′kē′pər) also ground·keep·er (ground′-)
One who maintains grounds, as of an estate, park, or athletic field.

grounds′keep′ing n.


the US name for a groundsman


(ˈgraʊndzˌki pər)

also groundkeeper

a person responsible for the care and maintenance of an estate, park, football field, or the like.
grounds′keep`ing, n.
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Noun1.groundskeeper - someone who maintains the grounds (of an estate or park or athletic field)groundskeeper - someone who maintains the grounds (of an estate or park or athletic field)
gardener - someone employed to work in a garden
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There are references to Irvine Welsh's Trainspotting, Hogwarts from JK Rowling's Harry Potter books and Groundskeeper Willie from The Simpsons.
He's been hailed as the world's most famous Scot but Simpsons grouch Groundskeeper Willie was meant to be Swedish.
In all his years as a groundskeeper for the Chicago White Sox, Roger Bossard has never faced anything quite like this.
Some of the outsourced items could be performed by in-house staff if the community's porter or groundskeeper is used," Rhodes says,
The groundskeeper was a big, scruffy-looking man with tangles of graying hair pushing out from his baseball cap.
According to court papers, the 55-year-old woman allegedly attacked Seagal's groundskeeper by "forcefully kicking him twice, in the groin, and on his shin, causing a two-inch contusion on his leg" before she threw rocks on Seagal's window, reports The Daily Express.
EMMERDALE It's not shaping up to be a good week for Sam Dingle, below, what with Shadrach gone and the slow-witted groundskeeper having stumbled upon a murder scene.
He worked in the seed and feed business for 50 years, and worked as groundskeeper for the U.
A ROW has broken out between two of Scotland's biggest cities over the origins of Groundskeeper Willie's character in The Simpsons.
Liang Wenchong, the first Chinese golfer to play the British Open, practiced his swing as a teenager using sticks of firewood and balls his mother brought home from her job as a groundskeeper on China's first modern course.
Until then, a member of the crew will be working with city parks groundskeeper Fred Dowell to try to establish a pattern of the alligator's whereabouts and movements.