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The act or practice of reasoning or decision-making by a group, especially when characterized by uncritical acceptance or conformity to prevailing points of view.


(Sociology) a tendency within organizations or society to promote or establish the view of the predominant group



the tendency of a decision-making group to strive for consensus and to avoid critical examination of alternatives.
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Noun1.groupthink - decision making by a group (especially in a manner that discourages creativity or individual responsibility)
deciding, decision making - the cognitive process of reaching a decision; "a good executive must be good at decision making"
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In this article, we apply groupthink theory to a setting where the presupposition of failure is anything but uncontroversial.
The good news is that a single dissenter can help the group break out of groupthink and make more rational decisions.
One of the dangers in a White House, based on my reading of history, is that you get wrapped up in groupthink and everybody agrees with everything and there's no discussion and there are no dissenting views.
The fear created by the environmental scaremongers is now having a similar effect on a small gullible section of our community, an American social psychologist refers to phenomenon as groupthink, where subconsciously their minds filter out or ignore alternatives, tend to take irrational actions and feel offended by contradictory opinions.
In this campaign, the vitriol from the right wing of McCain's own party has truly gotten out of hand, as the senator's primary rebound has been met by a groupthink chorus of "anybody but McCain" talking heads.
Groupthink is a phenomenon in which the members of the team feel pressured to conform to a uniformed mindset and are reluctant to present ideas which conflict with the already established group mindset.
Their apparently suicidal mindlessness is clearly the result of bodily regimentation and psychic allegiance manifested as the groupthink of military order.
The precious lines he's forced to rewrite are awfully vapid, and the title he fights to preserve--The Wexler Chronicles--is already bland enough to be the product of studio groupthink.
Charny argues that therapy is an effective vehicle for the support of clients lifting themselves out of existential insecurity and into the ability to enjoy criticism, avoid groupthink, and correct for fascist-type rigidities.
It explores Groupthink, "one of our best understood, but most commonly practiced innovation-constraining behaviors," together with ExpertThink--"an overzealous inclination we have to align with the boss, with best-known methods, even with what we have been taught about 'the way things are' in an effort to address challenges and opportunities as effectively as possible.