grow apart

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w>grow apart

vi (fig)sich auseinanderentwickeln
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This is just the time, Meg, when young married people are apt to grow apart, and the very time when they ought to be most together, for the first tenderness soon wears off, unless care is taken to preserve it.
Thicke revealed that they weren't happy together anymore and added that there was a hundred different reasons and not just one and it didn't work for 20 years because sometimes people grow apart.
It's been twenty--one long years to the day Since my beloved Dad passed away But despite the emptiness within my heart We shall never grow apart You are thought of every day In a kind and loving way Each lonely day my tears still flow Why God took you I'll never know But one thing is for sure You will always beloved for ever more.
People change and grow apart and there's nothing you can do about it.
Baby pig Jigsaw is the perfect companion--but when he grows up too quickly, Granny has problems in this fun story of how friends grow apart then together again.
When Fran passes away, father and son grow apart and Flint is left to his own devices in the lab with Steve The Monkey.
Paul Heritage of food maker Aunt Bessie's, who polled 2,000 adults, said: "It seems every day pressures are causing families to grow apart.
We were happy for a decade or so but after our children were born, we started to grow apart.
Unless we can make a fresh statement clearly and basically of what holds us together, we are destined to grow apart," he said.
For example, Manel Esteller of the Spanish National Cancer Center in Madrid and his colleagues reported in the July 26, 2005 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that identical twins who start out with near-identical methylation patterns grow apart epigenetically as they age (SN: 7/9/05, p.
The pair can neither live together nor truly grow apart, so can they find a common ground?