growth fund

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growth′ fund`

a mutual fund that invests primarily in growth stocks.
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For the year ending November 30, the Winslow Green Growth Fund was up almost 70 percent, more than doubling the returns of its small company benchmark index.
When assessing the performance of a small capitalization growth fund that specializes in stocks from small companies in hot industries.
7%--is the Van Wagoner Emerging Growth Fund, which features 110 holdings of fast-growing companies.
Today the Turner Funds is introducing two no-load stock mutual funds, the Turner International Core Growth Fund, which invests in large and mid-cap growth stocks from markets around the world, and the Turner Midcap Equity Fund, which invests in both growth and value stocks with market capitalizations represented in the Russell Midcap Index.
Still, the question remains: Do disappointing SRI growth fund returns imply an investment handicap?
decided to begin the Atlanta Growth Fund because of the enormous number of large corporations located in the Atlanta area.
SunAmerica Focused Alpha Growth Fund (NYSE: FGF), a closed-end fund (Fund), today announced that its Board of Directors had approved the declaration of a quarterly dividend distribution in accordance with the Fund's level dividend distribution policy (Distribution Policy) and approved the dividend distribution of $0.
MINNEAPOLIS -- Milestone Growth Fund today announced it has reached an agreement with Richard Venegar, currently senior vice president of Pacesetter Capital Group, a $250 million private equity fund based in Dallas, to succeed Esperanza Guerrero-Anderson as president and CEO.
BOSTON -- Winslow Management Company, LLC, a pioneer in green investing since 1983, is pleased to announce that the manager of the Winslow Green Growth Fund, an environmentally responsible, small cap growth mutual fund, was ranked as the #1 fund manager in the aggressive growth category in the annual Barron's / Value Line mutual fund manager survey for 2006.
BOSTON -- The Board of Directors of Liberty All-Star Growth Fund, Inc.
First Texas was acquired by the Texas Growth Fund and management in 2003 as a platform for expansion in niche consumer electronics markets.

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