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v. grubbed, grub·bing, grubs
1. To dig up by or as if by the roots: grubbed carrots with a stick.
2. To clear of roots and stumps by digging: grubbed a small plot.
3. Slang To obtain by importunity: grub a cigarette.
1. To dig in the earth: grub for potatoes.
a. To search laboriously by or as if by digging; rummage.
b. To toil arduously; drudge: grub for a living.
1. The thick wormlike larva of certain beetles and other insects.
2. A drudge.
3. Slang Food.

[Middle English grubben, from Old English *grybban; see ghrebh- in Indo-European roots.]

grub′ber n.


1. a person who grubs
2. (Tools) another name for grub hoe
3. (Rugby) rugby a kick of the ball along the ground
4. (Cricket) cricket a delivery which keeps very low upon bouncing
References in classic literature ?
I'm a heavy grubber, dear boy," he said, as a polite kind of apology when he made an end of his meal, "but I always was.
I am no loss, I am not handsome, I am not good company, I am only my proprietors grubber.
Money- grubbers, every one of them, from the first to the last.
Tonga full-back Veainu raced on to Tommy Bell's grubber, before the full-back sent Peter Betham over in the corner to make it 22-3 at the break.
But it was a clever grubber kick by Pisi rather than a line break that set up the first try after 20 minutes for fullback Tin Nanai-Williams, who only recently qualified to play for the country of his parents' birth.
Gary Middlehurst's neat grubber kick close to the line set up Dallimore to level the scores, before Kevin Penny, on dual-registration from Warrington, came from nowhere to pick Jon Ford's pocket and collect Karl Ashall's floated kick to score.
The only score of the first 40 came four minutes from time after Hardcastle put in a neat grubber which outfoxed North Wales' defence allowing Dayne Craig to claim the score, which Hardcastle went on to convert.
Clearing unwanted trees, shrubs and brush to create duck holes and food plots for whitetails is light work for Vail's innovative X Series Grubber.
Salford wing Niall Evalds was first on the second-half scoresheet, reacting quickest to Rangi Chase's smart grubber.
But Harrogate hit back on the stroke of half-time with a similar move that resulted in centre Luke Edwards running on to a grubber kick and scoring beneath the posts, allowing Callum Irvine his third successful conversion.
I also thought our backs showed good sense in mixing up a variety of dinks and grubber kicks into the wind and we are all delighted at the result.
He raced on to Briers' grubber kick for his first try since June and got the benefit of the doubt from the video referee for his second after shrugging off Ryan Hall.