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v. grubbed, grub·bing, grubs
1. To dig up by or as if by the roots: grubbed carrots with a stick.
2. To clear of roots and stumps by digging: grubbed a small plot.
3. Slang To obtain by importunity: grub a cigarette.
1. To dig in the earth: grub for potatoes.
a. To search laboriously by or as if by digging; rummage.
b. To toil arduously; drudge: grub for a living.
1. The thick wormlike larva of certain beetles and other insects.
2. A drudge.
3. Slang Food.

[Middle English grubben, from Old English *grybban; see ghrebh- in Indo-European roots.]

grub′ber n.


1. a person who grubs
2. (Tools) another name for grub hoe
3. (Rugby) rugby a kick of the ball along the ground
4. (Cricket) cricket a delivery which keeps very low upon bouncing
References in classic literature ?
I'm a heavy grubber, dear boy," he said, as a polite kind of apology when he made an end of his meal, "but I always was.
I am no loss, I am not handsome, I am not good company, I am only my proprietors grubber.
Money- grubbers, every one of them, from the first to the last.
George Williams' customary grubber kick to the left corner was pounced on by Oliver Gildart to give Wigan the lead 10 minutes before the break, but there was still time for Leigh to level the scores through Peter Mata'utia on the stroke of half-time.
The home side took the lead inside the opening 10 minutes after great work by the forwards allowed fly half Phil Jones to grubber kick through the middle for the chasing Andrew Claypole to score.
Warriors made a lively start, teasing the home back-markers with a series of grubber kicks.
Their first chance came with just four minutes gone as Kenny Baker put a grubber kick over the line before nearly gathering it to score.
Leicester opened the scoring through debutant Jonny May in the ninth minute, with George Ford putting in a well-weighted grubber kick for the speedster to run onto.
A frantic passage of play that saw the Welsh region turn the ball over on the Leicester line, ended with Aussie Toomua racing after his own grubber kick to dot down a fourth try at give the hosts a 26-0 lead at the break.
St Helens struck back five minutes before the break when second rower Zeb Ta'ia easily won the race to Smith's perfectly-judged grubber kick.
Flyhalf Bernard Foley's 55th-minute try opened a 25-3 lead before Wales hit back when centre Scott Williams chased his own grubber kick to touch down the home side's solitary try.
The 18-year-old also set up a touchdown for Ashton Sims with a delicate grubber kick.