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adj. grub·bi·er, grub·bi·est
1. Dirty; grimy: grubby old work clothes. See Synonyms at dirty.
2. Infested with grubs.
3. Contemptible; despicable: has a grubby way of treating others.

grub′bi·ly adv.
grub′bi·ness n.
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Adv.1.grubbily - in a dingy manner


advschmuddelig (inf)
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David Stout gives us a ripe (but never over-ripe) Leporello who struts and leers grubbily in Giovanni's old cast off clothes.
Caleb Landry Jones as Ilya and Buddy Duress as Mike are grubbily convincing.
The whisker's fate grubbily parallels the apotheosis of Belinda's lock; whilst that ascends to the heavens and "adds new glory to the shining sphere" (5.
I didn't even try to stop myself laughing as I watched them grubbily offering their "expertise" while a hidden camera recorded their pathetic little pitches.
Rolling the human and the political into an absorbing whole, this grubbily authentic item about an ordinary Joe out of his depth in the hazardous world of Latin American politics is based on surreal real-life events to which it's basically faithful, but without sacrificing twists and turns.