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The tears that flowed down his grubby cheeks were real tears.
And out of the middle of the earth, as it seemed to us, rose the pie - very much mixed up and damaged; and, after it, scrambled Harris - tumbled, grubby, and wet.
A grubby boy, probably with a squint, would almost certainly get on your nerves.
I feel more than a little grubby, and we can have our breakfast in the cooling gallery.
The was "While he was looking at that I was astounded to see we were actually not in a cute grotto but in a grubby room with a kitchenette with rubbish and coffee cups strewn around.
Rachelle Hughes, 39, claims she arrived with three of her children to find a trashed chalet full of grubby dishes, sopping wet beach towels and half-eaten bolognese.
Like an immature and grubby urchin that needs its mother to constantly wipe its face (.
In the film, he dresses down as grubby spymaster chief David Percival, who is introduced to the audience with a hangover and two girls chained to his bed in a flat.
Grubby loves jump rope, hayman and ken turn the rope and she makes up little rhymes while she jumps.
Likewise, as it''s very exposed it wouldn''t take long for it to look grubby again if we painted it.
It keeps the money out of the Chancellor's grubby mitts.
And in all my time, I have never once seen anyone making use of this bit of grubby land.