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also gru·el·ling  (gro͞o′ə-lĭng, gro͞o′lĭng)
Physically or mentally demanding to the point of exhaustion: a grueling campaign.

gru′el·ing·ly adv.


(ˈgru ə lɪŋ, ˈgru lɪŋ)

exhausting; very tiring; arduously severe: a grueling marathon.
n. Also, esp. Brit.,gru′el•ling.
[1850–55; gruel punishment (n.), punish (v.) (compare to get one's gruel to be punished, killed) + -ing2, -ing1]
gru′el•ing•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.grueling - characterized by effort to the point of exhaustiongrueling - characterized by effort to the point of exhaustion; especially physical effort; "worked their arduous way up the mining valley"; "a grueling campaign"; "hard labor"; "heavy work"; "heavy going"; "spent many laborious hours on the project"; "set a punishing pace"
effortful - requiring great physical effort


(American) grueling (ˈgrueliŋ) adjective
exhausting. a gruelling race.
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On the "positive" side, we'll close the chapter on our seven-year, gruelingly long and costly, back-and-forth deliberations with the U.
So rigorous is their selection, so gruelingly thorough their training, they can be blinded by a cando attitude.
Successes are few and gruelingly won: the community workers and children go door to door to convince people to stand up for their rights, organise demonstrations in front of government officials to demand just wages, and set up self-help groups to make sure people have something to fall back on in times of extreme distress.