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adj. grump·i·er, grump·i·est
Surly and peevish; cranky.

grump′i·ly adv.
grump′i·ness n.
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Noun1.grumpiness - a fussy and eccentric disposition
ill nature - a disagreeable, irritable, or malevolent disposition
شَكوى، مُشاكَسَه


[ˈgrʌmpɪnɪs] Nmal humor m


[ˈgrʌmpɪnɪs] nscontrosità, irritabilità


(ˈgrampi) adjective
bad-tempered. a grumpy old man.
ˈgrumpily adverb
ˈgrumpiness noun
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What we got was barely 90 minutes of noodling and grumpiness - with the saccharin 'Days Like This' and a hint of 'Baby Please Don't Go' the only moments of familiarity to the average punter.
PREMIER League dugouts are pretty much a wasteland for talent of the non-playing variety - especially since Jose Mourinho's grumpiness has become less enigmatic and more irritating.
True, Basil was older and dressed differently to most of us, but what Knopfler saw as grumpiness was almost certainly his immense capacity for concentration.
When you snarl, the world often snarls back, so I'm glad you want to shake off the grumpiness and find your best self again.
I worked with Bellers (a name I gave her when she joined Loose Women) for four years on the show and I always looked forward to her being there because of her glorious grumpiness.
Camping with his family, Jeff has caught a killer cold with accompanying grumpiness and is left in solitude for recovery while his wife and sons explore elsewhere for the day.
Brits like to revel in our grumpiness a bit and you are not like that here.
Older members of the family may be more cantankerous than ever but listen to what's being said underneath the grumpiness.
That, I believe, could explain high blood pressure and overall grumpiness popular amongst us.
New Tricks BBC One, 9pm Nicholas Lyndhurst's character Dan appears to be fitting into the Ucos team pretty well - maybe because of the strength of his first outing, he seems to combine Jack's grumpiness with Brian's tactlessness.
As an octogenarian in a Swiss nursing home, he has witnessed plenty of grumpiness and complaining.
Most people would agree that a lack of sleep can cause grumpiness and irritability, but The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention went so far as to declare insufficient sleep 'a public health epidemic,'" said Karin Mahoney, director of communications, the Better Sleep Council.