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A thick paste of mashed avocado, often combined with citrus juice, onion, and seasonings and usually served as a dip.

[American Spanish, from Nahuatl āhuacamolli : āhuacatl, avocado + mōlli, sauce, paste; akin to mōla, to get ground up, grind.]


1. (Cookery) a spread of mashed avocado, tomato pulp, and seasoning
2. (Cookery) any of various Mexican or South American salads containing avocado
[from American Spanish, from Nahuatl ahuacamolli, from ahuacatl avocado + molli sauce]


(gwɑ kəˈmoʊ li)

a Mexican dip of mashed avocado mixed with lemon or lime juice, seasonings, and often tomato and onion.
[1915–20; < Mexican Spanish]
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Noun1.guacamole - a dip made of mashed avocado mixed with chopped onions and other seasoningsguacamole - a dip made of mashed avocado mixed with chopped onions and other seasonings
dip - tasty mixture or liquid into which bite-sized foods are dipped


[ˌgwɑːkəˈməʊlɪ] Nguacamole m


[ˌgwɑːkəˈməʊli] nguacamole m
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Ingredients 1tbsp sunflower oil 1 onion, finely sliced 3 garlic cloves, crushed 1tsp each of ground cumin, smoked paprika and dried oregano 400g can black beans, drained but not rinsed 150g cooked chicken, shredded 4 pickled chillies, chopped 3 tomatoes, roughly chopped small handful coriander leaves, chopped 4 floured tortillas 100g cheddar, grated To serve 100g plain yogurt 50g chipotle sauce 1 lime, quartered guacamole (optional) Method 1 Heat the oil in a frying pan.
Here you have add-ins like scrambled eggs, pico do gallo, guacamole and a protein.
To make the guacamole, add 4 ripe avocados (peeled and de-stoned) and 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice to a blender or food processor, along with a pinch of salt and pepper.
The mass mash-up was part entertainment and part politicking, as growers and Mexico make the point that they -- and the guacamole loving Americans -- have benefited from the North American Free Trade Agreement that is now under threat from US President Donald Trump.
Divide shredded lettuce among the taco shells, top each with a couple of spoonfuls of guacamole, followed by chicken.
Wholly Guacamole has introduced three guacamole-based Layered Dips to its product portfolio.
com/how-make-best-guacamole-home-easy-cinco-de-mayo-recipe-2534699) guacamole and celebrate Mexico's cultural heritage, many people know relatively little about the true meaning of the Mexican holiday.
Each development service to be provided by the AN must be compatible with Aspect3D and the Avango-guacamole Renderframework that all 3D information in Aspect3D can be stored and edited and displayed with Avango guacamole.
Cantina Kahlo, which is located next to Trader Vic's, features dishes and flavours authentic to Mexico including artisanal tacos, ceviche, guacamole as well as favourites like "sopes" and "flautas", besides other delicacies ranging from pulled chicken and roasted pineapple sour cream to field mushrooms and beef tongue.
If you've ever made your own guacamole, you won't be wowed by guacamole from a package.
Top burgers with guacamole and finish off with two slices of crispy smoked streaky bacon.
Serve immediately with big heaped spoonfuls of guacamole on top.