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1. Any of several tropical American trees of the genus Guaiacum; a lignum vitae.
2. also guai·ac (gwī′ăk′)
a. The wood of a guaiacum.
b. A greenish-brown resin obtained from this tree, used medicinally and in varnishes.

[New Latin, from Spanish guayacán, from Taíno.]


(ˈgwaɪ æk)

1. a greenish brown resin obtained from the guaiacum tree, esp. from Guaiacum officinale, used in varnishes, as a food preservative, and as a medical test for the presence of blood in excreted matter.
[1550–60; see guaiacum]
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Noun1.guaiac - hard greenish-brown wood of the lignum vitae tree and other trees of the genus Guaiacumguaiac - hard greenish-brown wood of the lignum vitae tree and other trees of the genus Guaiacum
Guaiacum officinale, lignum vitae - small evergreen tree of Caribbean and southern Central America to northern South America; a source of lignum vitae wood, hardest of commercial timbers, and a medicinal resin
wood - the hard fibrous lignified substance under the bark of trees
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It was blended with vanilla, amber, guaiac wood and labdanum for a warm, distinctly oriental, sensual scent.
Capturing a mystical aura, Figment for Man intoxicates with a base of labdanum, guaiac wood and earthy accord for woody and balsamic tones laced with notes of musk to complete the continuum of wonder.
The global in vitro colorectal cancer testing market segmentation is based on test types (Fecal Occult Blood Tests, Guaiac FOB Stool Test, Immuno-FOB Agglutination Test, Lateral Flow Immuno-FOB Test, Immuno-FOB ELISA Test, Stool Biomarkers Tests, Cologuard, M2-PK Stool Test, Blood Biomarker Tests, ColoSentry, ColoVantage, Epi proColon, mS9), and Product Pipeline (Cologic, Colox, MarCarePlex, MeScore CRC, miRSIGN, PanC - Dx).
Scents vary from White Lily (Madagascar vanilla and spicy pink pepper) to Oud (namesake oud blended with smoky guaiac wood and incense).
PACO Rabanne's Invictus fragrance is a mash-up of freshness and heat with top notes of grapefruit xest, yuzu and pepper, a heart of marine accord and violet leaves and base notes of woody amber, Guaiac wood and ambergis accord.
Contract notice: Guaiac Faecal Occult Blood Kits and FIT (Faecal Immunochemical Test).
The guaiac wood and vetiver-laced Mr Burberry has a cool, timeless feel, much like the coat that inspired it in fact.
The charity claims the faecal immunochemical test (FIT) needs to be adopted by the screening programme, replacing the current guaiac faecal occult blood test.
An annual guaiac fecal occult blood test or a fecal immunochemical test (FIT) is an initial screening option, evaluating the stool for blood.
Comparison of a guaiac and an immunochemical faecal occult blood test for the detection of colonic lesions according to lesion type and location.
Although colonoscopy has higher per-test sensitivity than fecal occult blood tests (FOBTs) such as the guaiac FOBT and the Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT), it is much more expensive.
Radix glycyrrhizae oral solution contains licorice liquid extract, camphor tincture and guaiac glycerol ether and has previously been shown to be active in the experimental models used in the present study.