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Noun1.guanabenz - antihypertensive drug (trade name Wytensin) that reduces blood pressure by its effect on the central nervous system
antihypertensive, antihypertensive drug - a drug that reduces high blood pressure
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Double Duty: Blood Pressure Drug Also Eases MS : Guanabenz, an FDA-approved drug for high blood pressure, prevents myelin loss and alleviates clinical symptoms of MS in mice.
In 2009, the sheikh himself was suspended for six months after samples taken from Tahhan, a horse he rode in endurance contests in Bahrain and Dubai, showed traces of the beta blocker guanabenz and the steroid stanozolol.
The sheikh's trainer, abdullah Bin hizaim, admitted administering Guanabenz, a drug used to treat high blood pressure in people, and the steroid 16b hydroxy-Stanozol to Tahhan before desert races in Bahrain and dubai, and was given a 12-month suspension.
Without affecting the related PPP1R15B-phosphatase complex and constitutive protein synthesis, guanabenz prolongs eIF2 alpha phosphorylation in stressed cells, thereby adjusting the protein production rates to levels manageable by available chaperones.
The results indicated that the potency (pEC50 values) rank order was Dexmedetomidine > Guanabenz > p-aminoclonidine > UK-14304 > Oxymetazoline > Clonidine > Xylometazoline > Guanfacine > Naphazoline > (-)EPI > [alpha]-methyl-NE > 6-FNE > (-)NE > Deoxy EPI > Dopamine (deoxyNE) > Xylazine > (+)-NE > (-)-Phenylephrine > Isoproterenol.
He had claimed the drugs, fluphenazine and guanabenz which are used to treat high blood pressure in humans, were given to Waterford Crystal a month before the Games when it was being given hydrotherapy treatment on a fetlock injury, and that they in no way boosted performance