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A light, collared, usually short-sleeved shirt having buttons and pleats down the front and often large pockets, and typically worn outside the pants.

[American Spanish, perhaps from Spanish guayaba, guava (from the fact that the pockets are suitable for holding guavas); see guava, or alteration of (camisa) yayabera, (shirt) in the Yayabo River style (after the Yayabo River in central Cuba).]


(Clothing & Fashion) an embroidered men's shirt worn in Latin America and the West Indies


(ˌgwaɪ əˈbɛr ə)

n., pl. -be•ras.
a sport shirt or lightweight jacket, often with several large pockets, modeled upon a smocklike shirt orig. worn in Cuba.
[1945–50; < American Spanish]
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The first robot with artificial intelligence that arrives in Cuba , known by the name Paro , captures the attention of the attending public to the La Guayabera 5.
It presents the biker jacket, chinos, guayabera shirts and kaffiyeh head scarves, including a new prototype, by the Beirut-based architect Salim Al-Kadi, in bullet-deflecting Kevlar.
Para mi decepcion, vestia una camisa blanca, parecida a una guayabera yucateca que yo jamas me hubiera puesto (no por yucateca, sino porque no tiene nada que ver con el espectaculo de masas del rock), un pantalon vulgar (de senor),
In the field of fashion, then and now, Filipino men like the guayabera of Mexico, most likely because, unlike the barong Tagalog, it has pockets on the shirt front.
Tall, bald, distinguished --and wearing a guayabera shirt in a sea of business attire --Rene de Jesus Gomez Manzano, a defense lawyer and famous Cuban dissident, accepted a resolution from the International Law Section honoring his work to advance freedom and human rights in Cuba.
Castro, wearing a traditional white shirt called a guayabera and occasionally gesturing for emphasis, referred repeatedly to Obama, praising him personally while also emphasizing that with the process of real diplomacy just beginning, "the only way to advance is with mutual respect.
De las escenas de este tipo destaco aquella en que se relata el momento en que llego a presidir la sesion del senado en guayabera, lo que muestra, segun la voz que lo narra, la conciencia de poder hacer otra forma de revolucion, a su manera.
El reconoce las ruedas gastadas y el mono azul atado al mango por Mariana y cautelosamente mira a un negro viejo, vestido de guayabera manga larga, archivando todos los articulos sobre la mesa.
This person that I have created on canvas, I have based out of our culture, the Cuban culture, we have meshed all over the American culture, our clothing, the guayabera, in coffee, the espresso, all began Cuban--then we became integrated into American culture.
In a recent interview, Ramotar--clad in a Cuban-style guayabera favored by those in the PPP's upper echelons--insisted that Guyana "was never a threat to the United States," even though JFK openly viewed Jagan as Public Enemy No.
Me apresuro a decir que no era yo el unico en pensar que, de llegar Chavez a la presidencia, la agreste realidad completaria la educacion requerida por un inquieto oficial de paracaidistas, pobre, provinciano, bienintencionado pero de mostrenca formacion politica, para trocar de epigono de Fidel Castro en insuficiente Juan Domingo Peron en guayabera.
Having gone through the traditional formalities of a meeting with the prime minister, Dean Barrow, and the Governor-General, Sir Colville Young, after landing in the former British Honduras, the Prince swapped his suit for a baggy Belizean Guayabera shirt and made his first official speech as the flag-bearer of the Queen of Belize, as she is correctly known here.