guest worker

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guest worker

A foreigner who is permitted to work in a country on a temporary basis, as for farm labor.

[Translation of German Gastarbeiter; see Gastarbeiter.]

guest′ work`er

a foreign worker permitted to work in a country, esp. in Western Europe, on a temporary basis.
[1965–70; translation of German Gastarbeiter]
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Noun1.guest worker - a person with temporary permission to work in another country; "a Moroccan guestworker in Canada was accused of aiding terrorists"
working man, working person, workingman, workman - an employee who performs manual or industrial labor
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13, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- America's massive and largely unpoliced guest worker system has resulted in millions of lost job opportunities for American workers and unconscionable exploitation of many foreign workers at the hands of unscrupulous employers and labor brokers.
You see now every expatriate guest worker shall have a proper contract; they will have jobs according to their profession; they will enjoy their legal status as they will now have medical insurance; they will be able to go out and return to the Kingdom without any hassle, and above all they will not have any fear of being illegal here.
Congress is debating reforms that would increase enforcement against illegal migration, allow unauthorized immigrants in the United States to become legal immigrants and create new guest worker programs.
Rafael Anchia, D-Dallas, and Larry Gonzales, R-Round Rock, talked to Julian Aguilar about a path to citizenship, a guest worker program and other controversial immigration reform proposals.
It's unclear how the Wage and Hour Division came to investigate the company, whether it was tipped off by a worker, by a guest worker advocacy group or by a competing company.
Members of the committee used the discussion to stake out positions on immigration reform, particularly the agricultural guest worker programs.
A limitation of our work is that the sample may not be representative of the CNMI guest worker population overall.
The Guest Worker Question in Postwar Germany, by Rita Chin.
A guest worker scheme no doubt would benefit the individuals lucky enough to be selected to participate in it, but it is not a development solution for the Pacific.
FAIR, which has consistently opposed all efforts to grant amnesty to illegal aliens and expand guest worker programs that undermine American workers, also objected to the inappropriate use of an emergency spending bill to enact major unrelated legislation.
reverts to a guest worker program like that proposed by the Bush administration, it should expect the results that history suggests--worker exploitation, falling wages, deteriorating working conditions, and discrimination.