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1. A small house or cottage adjacent to a main house, used for lodging guests.
2. A bed-and-breakfast.


(Commerce) a private home or boarding house offering accommodation, esp to travellers



n., pl. -hous•es (-ˌhaʊ zɪz)
1. a building for guests separate from the main house on a large property.
[before 1000]
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Noun1.guesthouse - a house separate from the main house; for housing guests
house - a dwelling that serves as living quarters for one or more families; "he has a house on Cape Cod"; "she felt she had to get out of the house"
بَيت ضيافَه، فُندٌق صَغيردار الضيافَة
pieni hotelli
고급 하숙집
nhà khách


[ˈgesthaʊs] (guesthouses (pl)) [ˈgesthaʊzɪz] N
1. (Brit) (= hotel) → pensión f, casa f de huéspedes
2. (US) (in grounds of large house) → casa f de invitados


[ˈgɛstˌhaʊs] npensione f


(gest) noun
a visitor received in a house, in a hotel etc. We are having guests for dinner; (also adjective) a guest bedroom.
ˈguesthouse noun
a small hotel.


دار الضيافَة penzion gæstehus Gästehaus ξενώνας casa de huéspedes pieni hotelli pension prenoćište pensione ゲストハウス 고급 하숙집 pension gjestehus pensjonat casa para hóspedes гостиница pensionat บ้านรับรองแขก konukevi nhà khách 宾馆
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Lot 4 (guesthouse central) Hostel Central approximately 2 160 pieces, guesthouse Filler road about 740 pieces, Guesthouse Peter-BE[micro]hler-Str.
Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala government hardened its stand on the right to consume food of one's choice, deciding that its official guesthouse in New Delhi will continue to serve buffalo meat.
BAGHDAD / Nina / The Ministry of Defense announced on Sunday the killing of a number of terrorists and destroying a guesthouse and a den for them, in addition to the destruction of a booby-trapped tank and a vehicle carrying a mchine gun in al-Qarma.
Complainant Luqman resident of Tajazai told police in his preliminary report that he along with Islamuddin and Abdul Hakim had gone to the guesthouse of PTI\'s newly elected district councilor Shafqatullah to felicitate him on his victory in local body polls.
ISLAMABAD, May 27 (KUNA) -- A coordinated attack on a guesthouse in Afghan capital city Kabul ended after security forces gunned down all four fighters, said officials on Wednesday.
Earlier on Wednesday, gunmen stormed the guesthouse popular with foreigners in Kabul.
When the Al Abri family started the 12-room guesthouse there were no Ministry of Tourism regulations for such a place, but they got permission to go ahead with the business anyway.
21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- China's fabled Diaoyutai State Guesthouse and American hospitality giant MGM Resorts International today officially opened The Diaoyutai Boutique Chengdu in the capital of Sichuan province in Southwest China.
A WELL-ESTABLISHED guesthouse in a prime position near the North Tyneside seafront is up for sale.
ASMALL eco guesthouse 700ft up in Snowdonia has beaten much larger properties to celebrate victory at the UK Considerate Hotelier Awards.
A SMALL guesthouse in Snowdonia beat much larger properties to celebrate victory at the prestigious UK Considerate Hotelier Awards.
David McKinney, 40, attacked the pregnant woman at a guesthouse in Glasgow.