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Noun1.guestworker - a person with temporary permission to work in another country; "a Moroccan guestworker in Canada was accused of aiding terrorists"
working man, working person, workingman, workman - an employee who performs manual or industrial labor
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In examining the guestworker programs implemented in various Western European countries, researchers agree that waves of migration, especially in France and Germany, match business cycles.
The presentations are: "Migrant Child to Health Care Advocate" (Wilson Augustave); "My Everyday Struggle" (Theresa Dillon); "The Story of a Dairy Farmworker" (Jill McGee); "A Farmworker Who Fights for Justice" (Salvador Solis); "Local Challenges to Labor Organizing in Mexican Immigrant Enclaves: Kaolin Mushroom Workers Union in Southeastern Pennsylvania" (Victor Garcia); "Guestworker Programs and Illegal Immigration" (David Griffith); "Americans, Fresh Vegetables, and Farm Work" (Kathryn Grover); "Thoughts on the Past and Future of American Guestworker Programs" (Cindy Hahamovitch); "Immigration, Guest Workers, and Rural Poverty" (Philip Martin); "Rural Communities and the New Immigrants" (Pilar Parra, Max Pfeffer); "Why Not in the 22nd Century?
Historian Cindy Hahamovitch's examination of guestworker programs in the United States, No Man's Land: Jamaican Guestworkers in America and the Global History of Deportable Labor, offers a thoroughly researched critique of a labour supply system "in which the world's wealthy nations import foreigners to do their hardest, dirtiest, and often their most intimate work.
The Securing America's Future Act reforms our legal immigration programs by ending chain migration, ending the Diversity Visa program, increasing the number of green cards available for skilled workers, and creating a new, workable agricultural guestworker program for Americas farmers and ranchers.
This fall, Republican representative Bob Goodlatte of Virginia introduced the Agricultural Guestworker Act, or AG Act, which was voted out of the House Judiciary Committee in October.
Renewing old imperial connections to the Caribbean, guestworker programs in the US were "a way to bring the periphery to the metropole, while sparing the latter from having to integrate the former.
Being less desirable for agriculture does not imply that Puerto Rican workers are in a worse position than guestworkers or that being a guestworker is a privileged position.
Migrant workers in the federal guestworker program make up an
El proyecto Ley de Trabajadores Huespedes Agricolas (The Agricultural Guestworker or AG Act, HR 1773) (13) crearia un programa de trabajadores temporales agricolas y no agricolas sin la posibilidad de obtener residencia permanente.
The Agricultural Guestworker Act, or AG Act (HR 1773), would replace the current H-2A program with a new H-2C program administered by USDA.
The resulting package of amnesty, guestworker programs, more legal immigration, and improved enforcement bears the label "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" (CIR), so christened when a somewhat less grand version was proposed by President George Bush in 2004.