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Noun1.guestworker - a person with temporary permission to work in another country; "a Moroccan guestworker in Canada was accused of aiding terrorists"
working man, working person, workingman, workman - an employee who performs manual or industrial labor
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Kanjir seemed to enjoy this late appreciation of his labour migration: "I'm now coming to Germany really as a guest and not as a guestworker.
Despite its broad scope, huge impact on the labor force, and the extensive existing legislation regarding it, the guestworker program has permitted most employers of guestworkers to eschew the regulations or find loopholes, resulting in a system that is largely exploitative.
The right favors guestworker programs and fewer burdens on business.
Guestworker migration, remittances and the extended family: Evidence from Pakistan.
No combination of guestworker provisions or legal migration expansion, short of virtual open borders, will obviate or even reduce the enforcement requirement.
The election of a federal Labor government in November 2007 led to a rapid if so far partial repeal of Work Choices, the abolition of AWAs and the announcement of inquiries into a number of areas of contentious activity of its predecessor (including OHS laws, Comcare, and the s457 guestworker scheme).
While the guestworker program in the United States has been praised and recommended for expansion by President Bush, and is likely to be considered by Congress as a template for future immigration reform, human rights advocates warn that the system seriously victimizes immigrant workers.
Our staff and AMI members make our legislators aware of the impact all labor regulations have on our businesses - from the Social Security No-Match letters to guestworker programs.
Written by a leading expert on agricultural guestworker programs in the U.
citizens, according to "Close to Slavery: Guestworker Programs in the United States," a report released by the Southern Poverty Law Center,.
In discussing workers entering the United States under the H-2 visa guestworker program, the Southern Poverty Law Center (2007) investigation "Close to Slavery: Guestworker Programs in the United States" stated:
While recognizing the heightened security concerns following 9/11 and the demands for stricter border controls against illegal entry, Zolberg favors a broadly liberal stance on immigration, both temporary (such as guestworker programs) and permanent.