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Por exemplo, para os significados relativos a "musicos", CALD (2008) apresenta acepcoes para "musicos" e para a expressao "boy band", subsumidos a mesma guideword; COBUILD (2006) apresenta "musicos" e "musicos de metais e percussao" como duas acepcoes distintas, sem qualquer hierarquia entre elas; LDCE (2009) conta apenas com o significado "musicos" e OALD (2005) traz "musicos" e "musicos de metais e percussao" inseridos na mesma guideword.
SmartPlant Process Safety reduces time and cost by replacing manual guideword application and consequence tracing with rule-driven analysis and knowledge-base creation.
Guideword done based on the determination of the control chart, for a system with double the transmitter, then the purpose of data access is still considered valuable because of the measurement data are displayed on a single screen DCS.
Barry Silverstein and Sharon Wood; LET'S MAKE MONEY, HONEY; GuideWords Publishing (Nonfiction: Business & Economics) 16.
SafetyHAT guides analysts through the preparatory and analysis steps of STPA by providing a streamlined data entry process and preloaded transportation-specific guidewords.
Emigration and exile, those two inevitable and inexorable dimensions of the Irish experience, are her guidewords as she scrutinizes a selected series of actors who, at some point, left Ireland to work "in Hollywood," whether briefly or as the centerpiece of their respective careers.
Part 2 tackles Tyard's Erreurs amoureuses through a close examination of the twin guidewords erreur and fureur and on their multiple meanings.
Dictionary usage involves multiple skills such as using guidewords, decoding, discerning the correct definition, and so forth.
Similarly, McCreary and Dolezal (1999) report their subjects' difficulties in following the guidewords in alphabetical order (put down to the Asian background of many of the subjects) and unwillingness to follow the cross-references, perceived by many students as "too much work, too time-consuming, and .