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 (gī′dŏn′, gīd′n)
1. A small flag or pennant carried as a standard by a military unit.
2. A soldier bearing such a flag or pennant.

[French, from Old French, from Old Italian guidone, from guidare, to guide, from Old Provençal guidar; see guide.]


1. (Military) a small pennant, used as a marker or standard, esp by cavalry regiments
2. (Military) the man or vehicle that carries this
[C16: from French, from Old Provençal guidoo, from guida guide]


(ˈgaɪd n)

1. a small military flag carried as a guide for signaling or identification.
2. a soldier carrying a guidon.
[1540–50; < Middle French < Italian guidone=guid(are) to guide + -one n. suffix]
References in classic literature ?
A spear's length in front of them sat the spare and long-limbed figure of Black Simon, the Norwich fighting man, his fierce, deep-lined face framed in steel, and the silk guidon marked with the five scarlet roses slanting over his right shoulder.
L'hesitation dure de longues secondes durant lesquelles je reste debout,ne lachant pas le guidon des mains.
Arden is an assistant editor with the Fort Leonard Wood Guidon.
Une fois sur son velo, agrippe au guidon et les pieds sur les pedales, Norine n'a de pensee que pour la reussite de son challenge et pour faire passer son message de sensibilisation et de prevention.
Despite such difficulties, research in the Sao Raimundo Nonato region (Piaui, Brazil) continued after the discovery of the Upper Pleistocene and Holocene sequence at Boqueirao da Pedra Furada in the 1980s (Guidon & Delibrias 1986; Guidon 1989; Parenti et al.
Kyle, 22nd Air Force commander, activated the 913th Airlift Group and presented the unit's new guidon in a ceremony July 13.
Franco-Brazilian archaeologist Niede Guidon, who has headed a mission to carry out large-scale excavation of Piaui's interior since the 1970's, said that charcoal remains of structured fires found at the site are among other traces of the Serra dwellers.
The MEDC does plenty of great work in the city," said WMCT-TV Executive Director, Dan Guidon, "so partnering with them to do this show makes a lot of sense.
Collins was named interim commander of the Europe Regional Medical Command in a recent ceremony at Sembach Kaserne, Germany, taking the guidon from Lt.
Sur ma gauche, j'ai ete serre par Pelucchi qui m'a accroche le guidon.
Buckley writes for the Fort Leonard Wood news-paper, the Guidon.
Fighters already signed for the heavyweight Class are Peter Aerts (Netherlands), Brice Guidon (France), Jerome Le Banner (France), Semmy Schilt (Holland), Gokhan Saki (Turkey), Errol Zimmerman (Curacao), Sergey Kharitonov (Russia) and more.