guilt pang

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Noun1.guilt pang - pangs of feeling guilty
pang, stab, twinge - a sudden sharp feeling; "pangs of regret"; "she felt a stab of excitement"; "twinges of conscience"
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So I do my shopping, oblivious to the plight of the planet, get to the checkout, see the bags for life, experience a guilt pang, justify to the cashier that I do actually care about the planet but have left my own bags in the boot, and buy up a new lot.
But there was precious little he could do to stop McStay's brilliant 67th minute winner - or poor Jackson's guilt pangs.
Not one for the squeamish if you want to tuck into Christmas dinner without feeling guilt pangs while stuffing the seasonal bird.
Meyer has enough of a conscience to feel bad about her involvement in a military operation that costs a Marine his leg, but she deals with her guilt pangs by instructing her staff to keep amputees at a distance.
NEIGHBOURS (FIVE) Kate's love life has been the focus of many of the residents for a while now, but this week, she really feels the guilt pangs of her one-night stand with Kyle.
Wake refreshed from a night's sleep in your comfortable cabin and head for an exercise class or the fitness centre to ward off the guilt pangs at the calorie intake.
It is funny, what a man would do when the guilt pangs start gnawing his conscience.
But their love affair with the beautifully shot, boldly innovative "Actor" will carry them past any such guilt pangs.
And Lawlor, inset, says that he is unlikely to have any guilt pangs for mercilessly carving up his rivals with a 24-goalfest over two games that will surely have left the Whitehead men reeling.
The lure of forbidden relationships seems to be more challenging and exciting, and they are doing it minus the guilt pangs.
Could it be the guilt pangs of self-indulgent Caucasians?
You can literally eat it to your heart's content on a variety of foods, you won't suffer any guilt pangs, and your body will thank you.