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Adj.1.guilt-ridden - feeling or revealing a sense of guilt; "so guilt-ridden he could not face his father"
guilty - responsible for or chargeable with a reprehensible act; "guilty of murder"; "the guilty person"; "secret guilty deeds"
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Emotions run high as Adele (Petra Letang, left) is still lying unconscious in intensive care and a guilt-ridden Fletch faces his demons.
While a guilt-ridden Imogen tries to help him, Josh stuns Amber when he tells her he is still in love with her.
She added that the 21-year-old singer, who had also gotten a new tattoo as a tribute to her dog, was guilt-ridden as she wasn't present at the time of her pet's death.
His devastated wife Beatrice implores guilt-ridden Donna to catch whoever did this.
The Pretty Woman actress was forced to push the 64-year-old Deer Hunter star to the ground in one scene of August: Osage County, which she admits left her feeling guilt-ridden.
As he continues his routine, walking through Rome to his psychiatrist's office for hypnosis, he meets a woman named Emma, just as ravaged and guilt-ridden as himself, and begins his journey of rebirth.
30 NEIGHBOURS Guilt-ridden Priya dedicates her time to Ajay, but cannot keep her mind off Paul, while Rani and Harley share a kiss - which Callum finds out about.
Amy is guilt-ridden after her one-night stand with Dodger.
50PM A guilt-ridden soldier, who was not on the battlefield with Custer during the Battle of Little Big Horn, is regarded with suspicion and hostility by the rest of the troops.
A guilt-ridden Adam opens up to Aaron about his affair with Ella, and Gennie tells Bob she is in love with Nikhil.
She is lonely and guilt-ridden over the circumstances surrounding Rachel's death.
Guilt-ridden supermarkets will, of course, resist and not one single politician has ever suggested such a thing.